Redheads: Lighting The World On Fire

Since basically the dawn of time there has been two hair types in girl world; blond for the fun and wild, and brunette for the more reserved and bookish. The least accounted for though happens to be the red heads of the group. With only 2% of the population being naturally vibrant and fiery, the likelihood of being in the category without the assistance of harsh chemicals is slim to none. Personally, I am one of the other 98% in the world and almost two years ago I dove head first into the rare red head universe.

I can honestly say my time with hair the same color a a firetruck taught me a lot. The first being that with the right hair color, confidence comes easily. I finally felt comfortable in my own skin and didn't sense eyes staring at my imperfect skin, but at a feature I had chosen for myself. Second is that it is easy to forget when you've changed something you don't see unless you pass a reflective surface. Initially all I thought about was my hair, but as it wore off, I forgot others constantly saw it and would point it out. The next was that I was felt more myself than ever. When I was about 13 I knew I wanted the fiery locks that Hayley Williams sported but my mother never let me do it until I was 20, but I knew the color fit me. Finally I learned that it was a pain in the ass to take care of. My roots are brunette and every 3-4 weeks they would get seriously bad, so off to the store I would march and need to start the process all over again.

All in all I'd put it at an 8/10 experience. Red hair definitely ranks higher than blond hair on the fun scale, and I think everyone should try it at some point, if even just for fun. Hair is already a dead fiber and will always grow back naturally or fade out. It definitely is a great color for the season of fall, and besides we only have one life to live, some hair dye won't kill you.

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