Lifehacks on How to Find Topic for Website Content
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Lifehacks on How to Find Topic for Website Content

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Lifehacks on How to Find Topic for Website Content


For any site, an especially important role is its information content: the quality and quantity of text materials. Only in this case, the resource will be interesting to search engines and users. Otherwise, to promote the site and get the desired result of the project will not succeed.

After the creation of a website or blog, it should be systematically filled with content to maintain the interest of readers, expand the audience, increase the profitability of the project and its popularity among search engines. How do you understand what topics need to be covered in a particular situation and what users will read? There are several ways to figure it out.

The first is mindmapping.

Quite an interesting and effective method. What's the point: you allocate a key word that describes the direction of your organization or the subject of the blog. Then think associatively and try to build a logical chain. Let's look at an example.

The key word is "cat. You decided to dedicate your own blog to these pets, but what and how to write it yet do not know. associative chain looks like this: a cat - to have a cat - care for the cat - cat food - health.

Now parsing each link separately. For example, "how to get a cat": to take the shelter, pick up on the street, take from friends, buy from breeders. Therefore, you have several topics for the content: "How to take a cat in a shelter," "the first steps if you picked up a cat on the street" and so on. The same principle you apply to the other links in our chain.

Wider and more unusual are your associations - more themes to create material for filling the site you will find. For convenience, you can even make a sketch on the type of scheme in which you will fix your thoughts.

The second way -

if your site is not a narrowly focused topic, study the in-demand areas that are already in demand among users of the web. In this way, you will orient yourself in the content topics, fill your resource with interesting materials. For example, such social networks as Facebook, Twitter have a function of viewing the actual topics. The most popular topics are collected here. You need to choose, based on the main subject of your site or blog.

The third way is an analysis of activity of competitors. For example, consider the search for similar groups and accounts in social networks. Special services like Woffex writing service will help in solving the problem.

So you will find the most popular publications for the interval of interest, you can use them for your purposes:

  • understand what topics of posts arouse interest by evaluating the number of views, likes, reposts, comments;
  • research users' comments and identify topics most frequently discussed here;
  • see what posts readers are sending in, what topics they're asking to see in more detail, to expand on.
  • With this information in hand, you'll already have a handle on relevant topics for content.

The fourth way is foreign sources. Often this is where relevant information appears first, and then it is adapted by domestic site owners and blogs. To search, use the Google search engine, setting up the right region and language here. Even if you do not know a foreign language, you cannot translate the material you found in the public domain, there are free translators, which will convert the text into Russian in a fraction of a second. Of course, the translation won't be perfect, but you will catch the main idea and topic of the discussion. Based on that, you can find relevant material.

The fifth way is news portals. Watch the updates very carefully. Maybe just here you will find a relevant topic for content that will later become a real breakthrough and collect a bunch of likes or comments.

All ways are good. Do not get hung up on one option. Try all the methods and find the most effective.

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