Life As Told By Kim Kardashian Memes

Life As Told By Kim Kardashian Memes

Thank KK, for having a devastatingly fabulous life that we all envy and thank the good Lord we aren't living.


Kim Kardashian is the most loved and hated women on tv, social media and maybe even the world. But her life does lead to some pretty good memes that most any women can relate to. Thank KK for having a devastatingly fabulous life that we all envy and thank the good Lord we aren't living.

1. Kim knows a girl's got to eat...

She has a fork, so it's hard to see the real issues that happen when eating in public. We all know the trouble of eating hot wings in the café while the basketball team is across from you.

2. The pain of looking ratchet and loving Snapchat...

Snapping is the go-to mode of conversation with the current generation. You can Snap in bed, in class or in the bathroom, and the scale of ratchet depends on the given day. So the betrayal that occurs when my friends screenshot my photo really hurt.

3. Double tasking 101...

I can text and highlight my notes in coordinating colors at the same time. Plus, it looks like I'm actually enjoying myself while learning about the mitochondria.

4. Third wheel for life...

Single girls while friends in relationships know the feeling of watching your friends mount each other while you pretend to check facebook for the fourth time in the last five minutes.

5. We all just want pretty things...

Oh, you got paid today? Let's take a drive to Sephora and spend every last dime you worked your butt of for in the last two weeks. At least your contour will be on fleak.

6. Girls just got to eat...

My mom cooks like no other, so I have to eat every last slice of cake right?

7. Boys are from Mars...

You find a nice man on Tinder, and give him every chance to be your Bae. And then you ask if you look nice and he has the nerve to only say "Ya."...Like, boy, I spent four hours picking this outfit out and doing my eyebrows.

8. The "Look"...

When the rest of the world is simply commoners and you're queen, its hard to really listen and have an intelligent conversation with the other girls on your floor. Like do you hear yourself speak?

9. Do you know who you're taking to?

Girls nowadays have no love and respect for their fellow females. When a girl starts with the attitude, I turn my crazy scale up to max.

10. Everything turns into a lecture...

We'll be watching TV and I get a whole female anatomy lesson, or advice on how not to live my life. Like why can't we watch "The Real Housewives" and just be happy for them?

11. What are jeans?

I can't be friends with anyone who thinks leggings aren't real pants. I have dressy leggings, comfy leggings, ones I wear to bed and then the ones the ones that can be worn every day and everywhere.

12. I am your life.

I seriously get devastated when I see my friends with other people, and then even more when they post a snazzy pic on Insta. Like why wasn't I invited? Don't you love me?

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