Life is Strange is a point and click story game by Dontnod Entertainment endorsed by big video game company Square Enix. The game takes an old way of playing games and completely turns it on its head. Like tell tales games story structure, the game also let's you make decisions and the decisions alter the way the game progresses in each of the 5 episodes. None of the decisions you make are easy as none them can really be considered the right decision as each effects the story in some way or form.

The characters are very real and reliable as as none are perfect characters. Like life itself, people have many layers to their personalities , and this is especially true for the characters on this game. Some are rude, some are nice and some also will have issues with your character Max Caulfield and visa versa. What I also like is that each character is not a carbon copy of each other . Some even have differences in weight. Which is something I can appreciate being a girl that is fit but not stick skinny.

Another thing to appreciate is that the main characters are girls in high school. As video games tend to be male dominated in terms of character leads. One little know fact is that before Square Enix decided to take the studio under their wing and sponsored their project, many said they would not sponsor the project unless the female leads were male characters. Other companies said the story was great but was not really "lucrative business deal" to their video game companies as a whole. Since Japanese video game characters are well acclimated to woman character leads , this wasn't a hard decision to make on Square Enix's part. Bet most of those companies are kicking themselves now as it was number seven on Polygon's gaming list for game of the year.

Your character Max Caulfield lives in a fictional town Arcadia Bay, Oregon. She possesses the ability to go back in time , which could or could not be a good thing depending on the outcomes of your choices. She meets up with her old childhood friend Chloe Price as she helps her search for Chloe's missing friend Rachel Ambert. Every detail in each environment you are in is heavily dependent on the decisions you make even messages you receive. So for those of you that don't like to explore or figure things out I would not recommend this game as it is definitely a game that relies heavily on these things. I'm not going to give away details for those that haven't played this game yet .

If you can get passed the point and click , decision making structure, and looking through different environments to find clues the game has a deeply beautiful, emotional story with terrific memorable characters. Its plot twists and turns can be bizarre, and the story ultimately reaches heights that are totally unexpected. The only thing I would say that can be annoying is some of the characters you will encounter throughout the game,as some come off to be quite pretentious, rude, or just plain annoying . Other than this small flaw I rate this game an 8 out of 10. Happy gaming !