Being a pre-med student is tough. Balancing the endless nights of studying for organic chemistry, preparing yourself for the dreaded MCAT, balancing a job and a social life, and volunteering at hospitals to build up your medical school application while doing all of this well so that you can receive that long-awaited acceptance letter into your dream medical school. You aren't alone, other pre-meds across the country are doing the same.

1. When you go home on break and your family asks you how you're doing:

2. When you get an admission decision from medical school:

3. When you fail an exam that you studies 18 hours for:

4. Talking to your pre-med friend:

5. When your roommates want to go out but you have to study for an advanced microbiology exam:

6. When tired is a part of your personality:

7. When you question your entire future:

8. When someone asks you how you're doing:

9. When you've studied so much that you don't understand words:

10. When you get accepted into your first choice medical school: