A Day In The Life Of A Dog

I wake up, hop off the bed, then "shake shake shake."

Mom hates it when I do this because of my collar, but she also knows that it's time to let me outside.

Mom lets me outside.

I walk down the stairs and "sniff sniff sniff" everything. Have to make sure there weren't any other dogs back here.

Meanwhile, mom is putting that stuff on her face. Takes about 30 minutes every day. Sometimes I like to sit in the little room with the white seat, with her. But not today.

Mom lets me back inside. I go to my food bowl and eat. "Nom nom nom."

Mom comes into our room and snuggles me for a minute. Good morning.

I can tell when Mom is leaving and where she is going. If she has her little black bag with the blue card and green paper, she will be back soon.

If she has her black book bag with that flat square thing in it, I must "bark bark bark." Usually, she gives in and I get to go.

If she has her big black bag that she puts those things that she wears like I wear my collar, I must "bark bark bark" really loud. That means she might be gone for a while.

The big black bag also means we might be going on a trip. I love trips. Especially when we go to see little human.

If I "bark bark bark" really loud, Mom grabs that thing that summons the rest of the dog food and says, "Let's go Bisk."

I'm excited.

When we get into the truck, Mom rolls down the sheet of glass and I get to SQUIRREL put my head out the window.

It smells good.

I can't believe I'm 11 years old and she still won't roll it down all the way.

Must be because when I was 5 I tried to jump out of the car at Daytona Beach.

Back to the story.

I hop on Mom's lap and she says "no." Still, haven't figured out what that means. She lets me sit in her lap while we drive the truck. I try to get comfortable but it just doesn't seem possible for either of us.

Ice cream shop.

Mom gets me this thing with cold milk and a treat on top. My favorite.

We sit at the black table every time we come here. Mom is on the rectangle that she holds up to her ear and talks to. Sounds important this time.

She gets on her silver flat square and starts pushing lots of the little black squares on it.

I wonder what she's doing.

I get back on Mom's lap and take a look.

Lots of little figures on the silver flat square that I don't understand.

She says "This is about you, Bisk!" Then she gives me good scratches.

Does that mean I'm a good boy?

I have to pee, I must give Mom a sign.

"Whine whine whine."

Mom knows. She takes me to the grass and I "sniff sniff sniff." Must get rid of other dog scents.

We get back in the truck and head home.

It looks familiar, I get excited.

"Bark bark bark."

Mom opens her door, so I jump across her and get out. I can't wait to get to my giant bed.

I run down the stairs and my collar jingles, "jingle jingle jingle."

I push the door open with my little paws and hop up in bed.

Mom gets in bed with me and I get to "snuggle snuggle snuggle," until she has to leave again.

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