20 Things I Have Learned In 20 Years
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"Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." - Anthony J. D'Angelo

1. Age 1: I learned to trust

Being a baby is probably so scary, not that I remember much, but your whole life is in the hands of your caregivers. They decide everything for you. Learning to trust them was a huge reason for my survival.

2. Age 2: I learned to walk

We're still at that basic age where the huge milestones are simple things we take for granted as we grow older, but hey, walking is a monumental stage in anyone's life.

3. Age 3: I learned to explore

Erik Erikson, a famous developmental Psychologist, had these stages of development in which he described these "crises" we must overcome to move on to the next stage in our lives. The stage for ages 3-5 is "initiative versus guilt," in which children learn to explore the world. I remember exploring my classroom, exploring new friendships, and just venturing out into my new academic and social life.

4. Age 4: I learned to speak my mind

I was able to talk! Or, talk better, that being. Ironically, I still barely opened my mouth. Now I don't shut up!

5. Age 5: I learned to jump rope

...and play hop scotch, and make friends. 5-year-old me piqued in my social life.

6. Age 6: I learned what conservation of mass is!

Honestly, I don't remember much about 6 years old. But one of my favorite things I learned around this age is the conservation of mass theory by Piaget. If you're interested, click the link ...it's very fascinating.

7. Age 7: I learned about sex

Lol the term we used back in the day was "cooties." Kids these days know SO. MUCH. about this stuff it scares me.

8. Age 8: I learned how much I truly hate mathematics

That was the age in which math became a legit subject in school for me. That was also the age in which letters were introduced and had never felt that hatred in my life prior to math.

9. Age 9: I learned how much I love basketball

Unfortunately, I don't get to play as much. However, I was rather young when I discovered that dribbling a ball and shooting it in a basket was enjoyable. That led me to join the basketball team, and honestly have a great time while doing so.

10. Age 10: I learned the importance of hygiene

YIKES...glad that stage of my life is over...it stunk (pun intended).

11. Age 11: I learned what it was like to get bullied

It was a hard time in my life, but it led to certain decisions and certain relationships I've made that have made me the person I am today.

12. Age 12: I learned to express my feelings

This was a confusing time for me. I was feeling very emotional and wasn't exactly sure why. Luckily, around this age (and the next four years) I learned to label the reason why.

13. Age 13: I learned about womanhood

Enough said - period.

14. Age 14: I learned which hobbies I enjoy

I like to think art has given me a sense of sanity. Six years later, I'm still not too great, but I love it and nothing can stop me from feeling so

15. Age 15: I learned how to harness patience

I still haven't mastered this, but I think it is very important to be patient as a person, and I think 15 is when I began to have that mindset.

16. Age 16: I learned about therapy

Which helped me learn what I wanted to be when I grow up!

17. I learned about empathy

I remember this point in my life was when I finally wasn't surrounded by people who, quite frankly, I really didn't like (sorry if you're reading this!). After years of hating either my self or those people, I was able to put myself in their shoes and realize that life can be tough and sometimes lashing out on other's (though not the right way) is the way of coping.

18. Age 18: I learned to say no

No to peer pressure, no to things I didn't feel comfortable doing, no to...whatever I wanted.

19. Age 19: I learned to be proactive in my academic/ career goals

Applying to internships, visiting the career counseling center at my school to fix up my resume, and making connections with possible employers were all things I have accomplished when I was 19. It may seem simple, but for me, it's kind of intimidating.

20. Age 20: I'm learning to accept myself

I've been 20 for...4 days at this point. I haven't learned a whole lot yet, but this is the time in my life in which I need to accept the fact that I am me for a reason. I need to better my physical, mental, and emotional health. I need to learn how to love myself and all my quirks, and most importantly, I need to learn how to relax. Hopefully age 20 is the time when that happens.

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