With the "Gilmore Girls" revival coming up I thought it only fair to indulge in the show that everyone got a good laugh from. Most fans know Stars Hollow as that quaint little town we all wish we had the chance of living in. From learning which books to read to picking the right junk food for every emotion, Lorelai and Rory have taught us all we need to know.

With all the lessons to choose from, here's 10 of those that truly stuck with me:

1. You will always need your mom.

Your mom is and always will be your No. 1 fan. She will go to the ends of the Earth to make sure you have everything you've ever wanted and most importantly, needed. She may judge you, but it's because she's protective and will always want what's best for you. No matter how long it's been since you've called or how far you move away, she will always be excited to hear from you. It's the love that can't be shaken.

2. Wallowing is good for the soul.

It's the rules of life. Lorelai gives us the 411 on how to properly "wallow." Sometimes, we try to avoid the entire "I'm heartbroken and can't think about it without crying" scenario but in the end, we succumb to it. It's the mysterious ways of the world acting on us and our emotions. Just let it happen.

3. Life is better with a little sarcasm.

I'm almost positive that everyone in this show was able to show sarcasm on a daily basis. Even Ms. Kim had her occasional funny moments, even though she was more of the "harsh but funny" type of mother. Whether it was Lorelai discussing her life without coffee or Ms. Kim explaining the right customs for a young woman, the laughter was always flowing.

4. There's nothing coffee and food can't fix.

Luke's Diner, the place most of us wish we could grab our coffee from. Whether it was curing lack of sleep or just a good "pick me up" coffee was the ultimate go-to. So find that coffee shop where you become friends with the owner or baristas and never leave. Ever. They have food and caffeine. What more could you need!

5. Never compromise who you are and what you love.

One of the most iconic characters in the show, Lane Kim. Being afraid to tell her mother everything she hoped of doing with her life and what she enjoyed was a burden of a secret; however, she eventually found her voice and chose her own path. Though her mother never completely approved, she didn't back down from expressing herself and who she was destined to be.

6. It's OK to fail, even when you try your best.

Paris Geller is a prime example for this. Though she did everything she was supposed to, including extracurricular activities and having straight A's, she still didn't make it into Harvard. If you watched the show, you know she ended up at Yale performing above and beyond what she believed she would. Sometimes, God has a different plan for you than you do yourself.

7. You don't always need a man.

As Lorelai would put it, just because I like pie, "it doesn't mean I feel the need to date pie." In season 4 we see endless tangled love affairs. Sometimes, all you need in the end is yourself standing tall in tough times. You know you will always have your own back, that you can count on.

8. Love is confusing and challenging.

Loving someone doesn't always mean you'll stay with them. We fall in and out of love with every boyfriend Lorelai and Rory seem to date (some more than others). At the end of the day, there is always one man we knew was the one. Though Lorelai may have gone through some frogs, she eventually found who she needed to be with (the one we all prayed for).

9. Money won't solve everything.

Lorelai had every chance possible at having all the money she could imagine for herself. Her family was full of wealth, yet her parents were never always happy with the "finer things in life." Occasionally we would even see Emily Gilmore enjoying the simple things in life (dinner with her daughter and food court food). Just because you end up with money, doesn't mean that'll help with your problems.

10. In the end, you can't choose your family but even if you could, you'd still choose who you have.

While half the time we can't stand our family members, we know that we wouldn't want to be around anyone else for the rest of our lives. Family is family, whether you don't agree with each other (like Lorelai and Emily or Ms. Kim and Lane), or you're best friends (like Lorelai and Rory) you will always be there for one another. Stars Hollow shows us that even a whole town can come together and feel like family. It's the most important bond, whether it's blood related or not.