5 Life Lessons From A Transfer Student
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5 Life Lessons From A Transfer Student

One of the hardest things about being away from home is that you forget how much you miss the small moments.

5 Life Lessons From A Transfer Student
Tayler Marie Peoples

This past January, I transferred to Delta State University; and let me tell you, that is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Sure, I miss my folks back home, but I have made friends that will be with me forever. Transferring from a community college to a university is definitely a world of difference, but I am forever grateful I followed The Lord's path. Here are a few things I've learned in the few months I've been at DSU.

1. A University has way more people than a community college.

Well duh. That's a known fact.At my old school, there were maybe 10 or 15 people I didn't know. That's the thing about living in a small town and going to a small schoo—you know everybody. So when I transferred to DSU, it was like a whole new world of people existed. I was a little shocked at the number of people, but every person I've met has always waved and greeted me with a smile. They've made me feel at home, which is something I will always cherish.

2. There's never a quiet moment.

It's 3 a.m. You are tired, and you just need some sleep. You are centimeters away from blowing a fuse if you hear one more sound—and there it goes. Someone thinks it'd be a grand idea to have a step show right above your head. "Oh, go ahead. I'm not trying to sleep or anything. Thanks for asking." The whole "never a dull moment" thing is both a blessing and a curse: If you're lonely, you always have someone who is always doing something, but at the end of the day, you just want to sleep for 382935 hours. In fact, you're so tired that the dirt even looks like a pillow of clouds.

3. You meet some of your best friends.

Some people say that college is about finding your future husband, and that's great and all, but I haven't seemed to find him yet. I think he's hiding from me. Maybe he will show up one day. Oh well. Even though it would be fantastic to find my future husband, I think college is more about finding who your true friends are.

Luckily, I have found those people, and they know who they are. They are the ones who I can knock on their door at whenever o'clock and will welcome me with open arms. They are the ones who will comfort me when I'm having one of my bad days. They don't make fun of me for eating more than a family of eight. They are the ones who will go beat up that guy who hurt my feelings. They laugh with me; they cry with me; and most of all, they are there for me. I have found my "Cheetah Girls, Cheetah Sistas."

"We are sisters/We stand together/We make up one big family/Though we don't look the same/Our spots are different/Different colors/We make each other stronger/That ain't ever gonna change/We're cheetah girls, cheetah sisters."

I hope you can find friends as great as mine because they are hard to come by.

4. Finals Week is a completely different ballgame.

When I was at community college, finals week was as normal as any other week. Not to speak lightly of my old school, but all we had to do was review our study guide and we basically were guaranteed a 100 percent on the exam. That's it. No "staying up until the sun comes up" nonsense. Good thing I got rested up back at community college because final's week here was no joke.

But really, final's week is much more intense at a university. You basically spend your entire day studying, eating, and sleeping—if that's even a possibility. Some of the time, I just sit there, stare at the paper, and pray that miraculously the content will transfer from the paper to my brain.

Not to mention the week before final's, aka "Dead Week." I had a paper due, tests and anything else "fun" our teachers decided to throw on us. I finally realized why they called it "Dead Week." If they kill us with projects, papers, tests and quizzes, then we won't be here for final's week!

Let's just say I'm glad that both of those weeks are over!

5. When the days get long and I start to miss home, God is always with me.

Let's face it: We all get homesick.

I know I'm only 50 miles away from home, but I still miss my parents. After all, they are my best friends. Some days, I just wish my mom could somehow come through the phone and give me a hug. I miss her waking me up with a huge smile on her face. I miss fixing my mom coffee and cooking my dad his favorite egg sandwich. I miss me and daddy ridin' around and listening to our old-time music. I miss our walks when he gives me life lessons. I miss his huge hugs that make me feel like I may stop breathing. I miss those random days my parents decide to go on on a road trip. I just miss them.

That's one of the hardest things about being away from home: You forget how much you miss the small moments.

When I start to feel a little tear forming or my upper lip starts quivering, God overwhelms me with His presence. He gives me peace and comfort. He tells me that I am not alone. He reminds me that I am exactly where I need to be and that He is only a prayer away.

You see, God doesn't leave us when we face hardships. He meets us at our problems and guides us every step of the way. That is why I can face every day with confidence—because He is my Guide.

This semester has definitely not been the easiest, but I can say this: Transferring to Delta State has been one of the most eye-opening, maturing experiences I have ever endured, and I can't wait for the semesters to come!

"I know The Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me." —Psalm 16:8
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