Life Is Crazy

Every day we live we get to make choices. What's for breakfast, what do I wear, who do I talk to today. We are constantly doing things that we can be proud of or things that we will look back on in shame. We pass people we may never see again and argue with people that mean the most to us over stupid little things. We are humans who live every minute, taking things for granted and finding meaning in the things that mean nothing.

It's all really deep and thought provoking if you think too hard about it. It makes everything feel small and meaningless and like every move you make is nothing in the race of history. But every day does mean something, and every choice can change everything; you know the whole one pebble makes a wave... yadda yadda.

All I'm saying is that we have the choice to do something great. Something big, something that changes the perspective in which we see the everyday. You have that thing, that thing you want to do so bad. For me, its the Northern Lights. Ever since I was little, I have wanted to see the aurora in person. the thought of making it a reality is scary, something that I have always wanted to do is becoming something that... is in reach, I could do it if I wanted to. You have that thing that you want to do, you COULD do if you really wanted.

Fear is the part of it though. If I do it, if I really go see the Northern Lights then what else do I have to want, what else is there to look forward to what goals do I have? Your thing is scary too, probably. But fear is the roadblock between the choices we regret not making and the choices that shape us everyday.

Life is crazy. We live every day with choices ahead of us, with a thing that we want so badly to achieve that we could actually do if we really wanted. So all the choices we have, all the things we could do and all the things that are within reach are guiding us forward. Life is crazy, what choices will you make?

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