Life is Amazing
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Life is Amazing

Pause and look around every once in a while.

Life is Amazing

Have you ever just paused for a moment to take it all in

To take in the sights

The nights

The lights

and the heights?

To take in the sounds

The grounds

The towns

and the bounds?

To take in the sensations

The relations

The foundations

and the nations?

To take in life as a whole

Even when you're on a roll

Caught up in all your business

But do you ever witness

How the world spins

And how life begins

It's an incredible rhythm

Wrapped up in this giant system

How the birds fly and the bees buzz

This doesn't happen "just because"

It's all perfectly aligned

Perfectly combined

To create the world as it is

And no, it's not just "his"

It's hers, and theirs,

And shared with the bears

The animals, the creatures

With different kinds of features:

The land, to the sea

A blue whale, to a little flee

The rainforests, to the deserts

The poison a Dart Frog exerts

I can go on forever

To whomever –


I urge you to see

To find the key

Open your eyes

Watch the sunrise

Forget reality for a while

And just smile

Appreciate the world around you

How the sky is perfectly blue

And take the time to wonder

What's above all the thunder

This life is a gift

For you to uplift

A chance that was given

And now that you're livin'

Be thankful for this

The love from a kiss

A hug from a stranger

May not be danger

Keep your mind open

And I'm truly hopin'

You will find some peace

That you will never cease

To be amazed by Earth

Long after birth.

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