Why Is Being A Good Person So Difficult In Today's Society?
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Why Is Being A Good Person So Difficult In Today's Society?

There is nothing to gain by having a bad attitude.

Why Is Being A Good Person So Difficult In Today's Society?

Ever since we were in elementary school, we've been surrounded by reminders on how to act. The classroom walls were covered in colorful laminated posters reminding us of the golden rule— treat others how you would want to be treated. They taught us to be respectful. They taught us that being kind is what gets you places, pretty much the key to your success. Sharing was stressed and we wanted everyone to succeed.

When did that change?

Our society has become one filled with bullies. Instead of celebrating everyone's differences, we put them down. Recently on social media, we've seen numerous *political* arguments flooding our feeds. But the issue is way simpler than our opinions on foreign policy and civil rights. It's more common to make a harsh comment than to just smile and nod. We dress for other people, fully aware that regardless of what outfit you decide on, people will judge. The girl across the room will probably whisper to her friend that the shirt you're wearing is way too tight for your figure. We assume the worst because that's what we see.


Kindness should be a quality that comes naturally— it used to. Smiling at the girl in the "too tight tank top" is way more effortless than hating on her for no good reason. There's a chance that it will make both parties happier in the end but you gain nothing from having a bad attitude. The only thing that can do is hurt— the person you're acting towards and the people around you. What's the point? Humanity is so fragile. Each person lives their life a different way and who are we to criticize that?

Talking about being nice doesn't make you a nice person.

Being nice has been preached through different mediums. Everyone has a relative that posts those "Be Kind To Everyone" pictures as their Facebook status, right? It's a lesson that is reiterated every day, multiple times a day, from different people. We all preach it— but do we practice it? Tim McGraw has an entire song reminding us these principles. It's funny, though, because does it mean more coming from a celebrity rather than our aunt on Facebook? Will listening to that song change us? Probably not. That song plays on the radio what seems like twice an hour.

It's time to start supporting our words with our actions.

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