The Life Of A College Student As Told By 'Beauty And The Beast'

Like everything in life, college can be awkward. It is filled with good times, bad times, tears, laughter, tears from laughing so hard, and so on. I have always had trouble describing college in just one or a few sentences, so I thought since the new "Beauty And The Beast" movie is coming out soon (*screams with excitement*) the gang from the movie could help me attempt describing the trials and tribulations of college.

Let's get started:

When you walk into the wrong classroom repeatedly during a lecture.

Every first day of a new semester has you looking like:

Sometimes you just run into too many morning people.

Or maybe the college life just doesn't cut it.

But wait... I'm a poor college student, who needs an education to get a job. Damn it.

It can get hard juggling life, school, and friends.

Sometimes you forget to eat.

Which ends up with you eating like... Well eating like a beast.

Pulling an all-nighter makes you see things.

Like dancing, and singing food.

Getting assigned to read multiple chapters of a textbook often confuse you.

That feeling when you give someone a copy of your notes.

And finally... you pretend to be interested in a Professor's story.

But you just want to procrastinate the lecture from starting.

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