Young adults are trying to figure out their lives, whether it's moving out of their parent's house, going to college, or going into the workforce because school was never really their thing. This is a struggle everyone must face eventually, however, the stress of this can easily be too much to handle if other stresses are also added on to this. Things such as my parents divorcing and dating new people, and even now moving to different houses. My parents happen to be divorced for now 3 years, and they are both in happy relationships which is wonderful, and my mom is moving into a new house.

On top of trying to keep up with school work which is being extremely rough this semester, I am also attempting to help my mom move into her new house. Between the actual moving of boxes around the houses and driving to and from the houses which are about half an hour each way its a lot of work being done in short time spans, along with the added pressures of having to pack up my things and most of the house. All while needing to do homework, wanting time to sleep, and just wanting to relax on my weekends, but needing to help my mom which sadly means no breaks. I'm very sure others are having similar problems, either needing to move into dorms or move into apartments however most of the time in those cases you don't have to worry about classes or have the time constraint of only having weekends to do work on moving.

Another aspect of this that is bothering me is that I feel like I'm missing out on prime friend time and the ability to stay focused on my work for school. Having to spend 4 days out of my week driving to my house from college, spending every waking hour doing intense labor like moving heavy boxes and furniture around the house, into cars, and into other, the new house is a massive drain on my motivation and mental status. I have been more stressed out in the last month when I was told my mom would be moving to a new house than I have been in years.