Oh the characters in your personal narrative are so very important, and the best part about it is, you get to choose them!!! Choose your characters wisely, whom do you want around you when you experience some of the greatest successes and some of the most devastating losses you can imagine in your lifetime? Characters will come and go. Some characters will come, and before you can even realize it, these individuals have become some of your closest friends and most important characters. Some characters will go; sometimes it will happen too quickly with no warning at all, and this could dramatically change the main character's life for a period of time. But we must begin to alter our story to appreciation rather than sadness; appreciating the time this special character was in our story. Keep the characters that you can make memories of a lifetime with. The ones you not only look forward to being around but also dread having to leave behind. And let the characters that cause you sadness and pain more often than happiness and smiles fade away into the past.

Bookmarked pages!!!

Be sure to fold the corner of special and memorable pages in your story you may want to read again, but don’t neglect the pages containing the sections that may cause heartache, for these, are also essential to the resolution. You are who you are, and your story is what it is because of the best and worst moments in your life. When you see a mistake in your book, you can try to make corrections, but be careful to realize that some mistakes are necessary to the storyline, and learning from these “mess ups” is what makes you, as the main character, who you are.

Exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution

We all know from our elementary English classes that these are the essential parts of a story!! Although to get a story approved by an English teacher we know we only need one of each of these parts, make your story have countless expositions, rising actions, climaxes, falling actions, and resolutions that you can look back and smile. Take your book one page at a time, don’t rush for the climax, and don’t ignore the resolution. For each resolution brings a close to one chapter, and that lets you begin a new one where the possibilities are endless.

Make your book a best seller

We only get one book, and we never know when the cover will close. So add a few illustrations in living color, some footnotes for clarification, and plenty of references that will serve as invaluable resources in the future. Maybe it isn’t the stories with happy endings that get remembered. I believe it’s the stories that have classic beginnings, virtuous heroes, treacherous villains, daunting conflicts, exhilarating climaxes, and an eventual resolution (happy or not) that people remember forever. So until your cover closes, create your story as one everyone wants to read, and no one ever forgets. Be the book you want to read in the world!