College is like being in another universe. Back in the day, my free time consisted of many of the same activities that my current past times encompass. There are many things, though, that I no longer do in college: some because they are no longer necessary, others because they are no longer socially acceptable. Here are 12 things that I use to do before joining the "real world."

1. Attend school from 8:23 until 3:30...Monday thru Friday.

I complain about three hour night classes.

2. Asked permission before doing...well, anything.

In college, I come and go as I please. There is no such thing as parental supervision, which is why going home for breaks is always such a struggle. I forget the ol'twenty questions game I have to play before I can actually leave the house.

3. Ate three meals a day.

I barely manage to eat two meals that actually constitute as meals, as opposed to just an array of snacks on a dinner plate, everyday.

4. Wore a public...all the time.

I did not think twice about rolling around in my uniform either. I am not going to lie, I miss not having to pick out an outfit everyday. I wear real people clothes now...kinda.

5. Went days without checking my email.

If I tried to do this for even a day in college, I would probably miss ten "mandatory" meetings, four project assignments, and a notification that one of my classes has been canceled.

6. Required to bring in a note after missing a class.

And then getting a demerit because I forgot to bring in said note.

7. Took the bus to and from school.

Running to the bus stop every morning was never a good look for me.

8. Drove to see my friends.

Now they live with and around me, so they have to hang out with me. Blessed.

9. Saw the same people everyday.

I go to a small college, so I often see the same rotation of people on a weekly basis. For the most part, though, there is always a cluster of strangers that I encounter for every set of people I do recognize.

10. Fit my entire life in a locker.

In college you get one whole room! Ok, half a room.

11. Went days without seeing a guy my own age.

I went to an all girl school, so this may just be a me problem.

12. Had a curfew.

It did not matter if it was myself or a friend driving, the driver had to be home by 11. If you were late getting to the car, you were walking home. Or running.

Like I said, college is another world and some things you just grow out of from high school. I may miss my uniform some days, but I will never miss taking the bus. Ever.