11 Instances In Which You Really Needed Meme Legend Gavin Thomas To Explain College
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Student Life

11 Instances In Which You Really Needed Meme Legend Gavin Thomas To Explain College

All college students can relate to this 7 year old on a spiritual level.

11 Instances In Which You Really Needed Meme Legend Gavin Thomas To Explain College

Sometimes college isn't all fun and games.

When it comes all nighters, gross dining hall food, piles of homework and assignments, we can relate to Gavin on a spiritual level.

1. Laying in bed, hoping to avoid two 5 page essays, 1 project, and a test you have to study for, along with other life responsibilities.

It all feels so worth it until the Netflix screen asks you if you're still there and you question your whole existence.

2. Getting a good grade on a paper you completely BS'd.

There are two types of students. There are the ones who go by the books and the ones who don't buy any books at all. Think about it.

3. Looking at your test once you realize none of the information was on the study guide.

When it feels like your professor betrayed you and wants you to fail.

4. When someone sits in your unassigned assigned seat in class and you're forced to sit somewhere else.

Even though we are adults and this is college, there are ground rules when it comes to seating. This is why we can't have nice things.

5. Weighing out your options for food in order to avoid the dining hall at all costs.

It's either Ramen, Kraft Mac and Cheese, or starve. Pick your poison.

6. Having a mid-life crisis and contemplating what you're doing with your life, if you're going to be successful, or if college is even worth it.

The idea of dropping out and becoming a hobo sounds better and better as each day passes while in college to be honest.

7. When you're trying to enjoy yourself and be happy, while also trying to balance work, assignments, a social life, food, and sleep.

Is this what adulting is like? If so, you can count me out.

8. Trying to get on your professors good side so your grade can go from an F to at least a C.

While also hoping your professor will overlook those 3 missing assignments and 5 absences when considering bumping up your grade.

9. When your family calls you asking how college is going.

Especially when your family calls during mid mental break-down and you have to play it cool, acting like you're having the time of your life in college.

10. Trying to look like a scholar in a 2 hour lecture class but realizing only 20 minutes has gone by.

After 20 minutes into the lecture, everything sounds gibberish and you contemplate if the professor would even notice if you just packed up and left. Who needs class anyways right?

11. When reality hits that you're basically an adult now with new responsibilities.

When we were younger, we couldn't wait to grow up. We didn't sign up for this.

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