11 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Graduate High School

11 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Graduate High School

Once you turn your tassel, there's no going back.


I never thought I would be writing an article about high school. I never felt nostalgic about my own high school experience and honestly, I thought writing about the topic was overrated. Nevertheless, I find myself here doing exactly that after graduating just a year ago around this time. If I learned anything in the past few years, it's that so much more lies ahead. High school is only the beginning of a future filled with a wealth of new experiences. After feeling stuck in the same mundane routine that seems to never end, graduation will arrive and you will enter a new phase of life. Once you turn your tassel, there's no going back. Here's how your life will change once you walk through the doors of your school for the last time.

1. You will begin to feel more like a real adult.

Now that you have some freedom and independence, you will begin to feel more like a maturing adult.

2. The world won't seem so small anymore. 

High school can feel petty at times and once you enter a new environment, you will expand your horizons.

3. School will feel less like a prison. 

College classes are nothing like high school classes. With a schedule that you get to choose and more time for breaks, school won't confine you and take up so much of your time.

4. You will become more self-aware.

Once you're on your own, you will begin to realize what works best for you in terms of your habits and schedule. This personal insight will help you in the long run and can be used to your advantage.

5. You will find your true friends.

Getting involved in college is so much easier because there are tons of new people around that are bound to share some of your interests. Some of these people will grow to become your closest friends.

6. You will work harder than you ever thought you could. 

College is not all fun and games. You will definitely experience some trying times, but they will challenge your willpower and show you how resilient you actually are.

7. You will stumble upon something that will become your passion.

With classes that you would've never imagined taking and clubs for just about any interest, you are bound to find something that you are passionate about during the next four years of your life.

8. You will immerse yourself in new experiences. 

You won't be stuck in a bubble any longer. Whether you adapt well to change or not, college will always find ways to sneak up on you as you find yourself immersed in new experiences.

9. Opportunities to achieve success will be at your fingertips.

There are so many opportunities for students to succeed on campus. Colleges truly provide an empowering space for everyone to pursue their goals because there are so many people around who are willing to help you!

10. You will actually learn about life when you're not in the classroom. 

Unlike in high school, your peers and acquaintances will teach you life lessons outside the classroom. By meeting people from backgrounds unlike your own, you will have so much to learn!

11. You will become more disciplined and achieve what you set out to do.

No one is here to check up on you anymore, so you will have to keep yourself grounded in your responsibilities. In honing this skill, you will be able to achieve success in whatever goals you decide to pursue.

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Dear Taylor Swift, Christians Are Not Homophobic Bigots, Sincerely, The Majority Of Christians

Taylor, you need to calm down when talking about how most Christians act.


When Taylor Swift released her newest single "You Need to Calm Down" last Friday, I didn't agree with the entire message of the song, mainly because of its heavy political overtones. But as the great Dick Clark once said, "It's got a good beat, and you can dance to it." So, for what it is, it's really easy to dance to this song, and I can see it becoming a pretty big hit.

But then the video came out, and I saw something that really bothered me.

In the music video for "You Need to Calm Down", Taylor is seen partying and hanging out with multiple LGBT+ icons in honor of Pride Month, such as the hosts of Queer Eye, RuPaul, and Ellen Degeneres. There's also a moment with Taylor, dressed as French fries, renewing her friendship with Katy Perry, who's dressed as a hamburger, which is as amazing as it sounds.

However, there's another cast of characters which acts as a foil to the happiness and colorful joy which is taking place in the video. There's a group of protesters surrounding the trailer park where Taylor and all her friends live. They're all dirty, buck-toothed, and dressed like your typical redneck stereotypes. They're also holding up protest signs while screaming at everyone in the trailer park. I saw one of the signs said something about Adam and Eve, and I realized most of the protesters were most likely meant to represent Christians.

And that...didn't sit well with me at all.

I know that these people never explicitly said they were Christians in the video, none of them even wore a cross. But, whenever someone sees anyone protesting rallies and organizations such as Pride, I can guarantee you that most of the time, the first thing people think is that they're from the Westboro Baptist Church, which is notorious for its protests. And I won't lie, there are some Christians who act that way.

But if you haven't heard this yet, let me be the first to tell you that not all Christians act like that. In fact, most of them don't act that way.

Christians don't agree with the LGBT+ lifestyle because of what the apostle Paul wrote in the book of 1 Corinthians (1 Corinthians 6:9-10). However, Jesus never once taught that just because you don't agree with a person doesn't mean they're automatically your enemy (Matthew 5:44). Christians are supposed to represent the love of the Savior of the world, which encompasses every and all aspects of humanity. This definitely includes people whose lifestyles we don't agree with. By not showing love to certain types of people, we are directly going against one of Jesus's greatest commandments.

Not agreeing with people is one of the cornerstones of humanity. It's a divisive world out there to be sure, but that doesn't mean people from any side of the debate need to perpetuate the division. Grouping all Christians into one group of hateful bigots is no different than Christians grouping all the members of the LGBT+ community into one group of evil people. One of the key elements of Christianity is showing people who have different beliefs from us the same love Jesus would show to anyone. And I know I'm not the only Christian who wants to show love to people of all walks of life. I may be the only Jesus they ever see in their lives, and we all wish to express the same love to others.

So Taylor, it looks like you're the one who needs to calm down on this issue.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Sudan Crisis- And What You Can Do To Help

Now is not the time to remain silent.


Sudan Military Kills Over 100 Peaceful Protesters | NowThis www.youtube.com

Turmoil is spreading in Sudan as civilians are being massacred left and right, but few are aware of the details leading up to and regarding the calamity. Here is everything you need to know about the crisis in Sudan.

Civilians began to protest against President Omar al-Bashir as his presidency was one of violence and suffering. Under his rule, thousands of villagers were murdered by the government militia in 2003, and millions of Sudanese people were displaced from their homes. While the president was charged with genocide and war crimes, the charges were dropped when the government failed to get support from the UN. Bashir was again arrested in April 2019, after three decades of rule and several large protests.

After his rule came to an end, the people demanded a democracy, and smaller, peaceful protests eventually merged into a mass civil disobedience. Sudanese authorities banned social media and cut internet and mobile data in the capital of Sudan. Recently, soldiers have begun to open fire on crowds of protestors, rape women and men, and beat the protestors that remained on the streets. So far, it is estimated that over 100 people have been killed, 70 raped, and 700 injured. Among these numbers are hundreds of young children.

These people have no access to the outside world, or basic necessities like food and water. Instead of remaining silent and waiting for our country to step in, do your part and 1. Share this article informing others of the crisis 2. Sign this petition demanding the UN investigate this atrocity 3. Donate something to this GoFundMe raising money for Sudanese medical aid. Every share, signature and donation can and will make a difference.

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