“Life After Beth” is a 2014 zom-rom-com (zombie romantic comedy) starring big-name actors like Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly and Anna Kendrick. Despite the notable cast, this movie made a colossal $15,853 opening weekend and $80,315 gross profit in the US alone. This film currently has a 5.6 out of 10-star rating on IMDb.

The plot of the movie follows Zach Orfman (Dane DeHaan) through a short transition in his life where his girlfriend, Beth Slocum (Aubrey Plaza), breaks up with him, turns into a zombie, then forgets about the breakup and continues to decay as one of the living dead. What ensues during this film is a slew of comical and emotional events, like Beth destroying a lighthouse in a fit of undead rage provoked by Zach’s lousy guitar playing. Zach is told by Beth’s parents to keep her resurrection a secret and to go along with her braindead thoughts and actions as to not upset her. Zach doesn’t understand the secrecy and bizarre behavior at first, but is simply rapturous about getting a second shot with the girl he loves.

Dane DeHaan has been a main character in a number of large scale films recently, but this is not one of those; on the other hand, he was the perfect pick for this role for a few reasons. He always looks like he’s about to cry, he can pull off the recently dumped yet still hopeful ex look very well and he can be depressing and still manage to edge comedy into his act.

Aubrey Plaza does a surprisingly good job playing a young zombie and an even better playing a crazy emotional girlfriend. Throughout the movie she manages to be both grotesquely corpselike and also just as comical as she always is.

Anna Kendrick has a very small part in this film, but it’s funny alone seeing her in the role she fills and showing up at the most unexpected points of the story.

This movie is perfect for zombie flick fans, especially teens and young adults, or anyone who enjoys romantic comedies with a bit of an original twist.

Personally, I don’t like zombie movies all that much; that genre generally bores me and is typically predictable and repetitive. Despite my lack of enjoyment in this style of story, I was very entertained by this film and never felt like it was too much of a zombie film.

I have no clever precursor for whether or not you should see this, but I’ll let you decide for yourself based on the short description above.