I'm a Nursing Major but Don't Like the pharmaceutical Industry.

I chose nursing as a future career because it is one of the closest things you can get to magic.

You get to potentially heal people with your own two hands.

I cannot wait for the day when I get to see someone's full recovery and I got to help them through it.

Even though I chose nursing, I have a real conflict with the pharmaceutical industry. I can't stand the idea of them raking in the money, and for what? Giving someone drugs that could lead to addiction or create other issues?

In my eyes, that's all the pharmaceutical industry is, just about the money. I doubt they have any interest in the well being of people.

Personally, I like the idea of an all natural treatment plan with any type of diagnosis.

I don't even like the thought of what people put in their bodies when they eat, but that's a whole other topic.

An individual that is very dear to me suffers with rheumatoid arthritis. RA is when the bodies immune system attacks its own tissue, such as joints. Throughout the course of the day, this person takes about six different prescriptions. About half of these scripts are needed due to side effects of the other half of the medicine. Not to mention yearly flu shots and other vaccines because of the poor immune system. One of the medicines is hydrocodon (a semi-synthesized version of codeine), for pain management.

Roughly %60 of addiction is the addiction to this drug.

Currently, and I'm sure it will continue, more and more prescription medicines contain hydrocodon, which leads to a bigger increase in addiction.

Along with those, a Fentonyl pain patch also is used for pain management.

Now, I'm not degrading anyone for taking them, if you are in pain like I know this person is 24/7, I don't blame you.

Fentonyl pain patches are only to be used when the body is already familiar with narcotic pain medicines, if used otherwise it could result in a fatal overdose.

Monthly this person spends about $200.00 AFTER insurance on prescriptions.

It kills me because the use of these drugs make people zombies. Radical mood swings make it hard to communicate.

I can't help but be certain that natural remedies could be beneficial to anyone in need of treatment, on all levels.

The pharmaceutical industry, makes money off of sicknesses, so why put them in charge of making us healthy?

For example, I am a firm believer in essential oils. For reasons that are easy to assume, the FDA refuses to approve any essential oils. Recently, the FDA sent letters to two of the biggest essential oil manufacturers (doTerra & Young Living) stating they could not even disclose any health benefits with the use of the oils, because they are not approved by the FDA. If done so otherwise they would face legal action.

Then, these manufacturers found their loophole. Independent Consultants. They distribute to individuals whom sell the oils, while providing profit to the people and the company as well. The FDA cannot eliminate the advertisement of health benefits of essential oils that individuals make.

But why won't the FDA approve the essential oils?

Simple, because it would put a damper on the revenue the pharmaceutical industry makes.

Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry re-uses different drugs, just changed the appearance and packing? For example, Zoloft and Prozac. Both can be used for antidepressants, but both contain the same active ingredients. The only real different is the molecular weight of each.

The pharmaceutical industry is the leading industry that makes the most money in lobbying.

So many people fall in debt, and even file bankruptcy because of medical bills.

Some don't even get full recovery.

Pharmaceutical companies spend more on marketing than actual research. For example, in 2013 Johnson & Johnson spent $17.5 Billion on marketing and advertisement versus their $8.2 billion for research an development.

Overall, I believe we should focus not on the profitability, but more on the lessening of side effects as well as effectiveness of medicines. (Which could all be done with all natural methods). If natural remedies were used, these remedies would be available to everyone. Making the pharmaceutical industry obsolete.

Pharmaceuticals do have a place in this world, but I think nature is our best solution.