I was born and raised in southern Kentucky. I was raised in the "holler" where no cell phone reception was to be found and hills upon hills of Kentucky country. My momma raised me up to respect my elders and say "yes, ma'am and no, sir." I was whipped with "switches" and I ate cornbread and soup beans for supper. I would shoot my .22 rifle and ride my uncle's four-wheeler across the land my papaw worked hard for his whole life.

Why do I say all this? Because even though I was raised up in a conservative, country, Kentuckian lifestyle, I do believe that some liberal ideas are better for our country.

For example, I believe that all people should be entitled to free, government-funded healthcare. Loads of countries around the world have free, government-funded healthcare and they are doing pretty well. I hear a lot of the people I grew up with and my family complain about Congress and how they shouldn't be in office for a lifetime. I hear mainly just complaints about Congress in general.

Want to know what Congress should do? They should fund government-funded healthcare. It can be done. Portions of congressmen's income can be taken to fund healthcare for all people in this nation. Obama attempted to enact government-funded healthcare when he was president and millions of Americans benefited. And lots of conservatives protested against this. Why? Why do you want to pay for health insurance when the government could give you free healthcare? America is a capitalist nation where the most important thing is the bottom line. How we can line our own pockets with money. How about we instead look at what is best for our country and the people in it instead of fighting each other over political divisiveness?

Don't get me wrong. I still love my guns. I still love the country. I still love sweet tea, bourbon, and my momma. I still love God and Jesus and I praise Him for all that He has done for me. But I believe our country still has a long way to go from being a "more perfect Union."