Your Ignorance For LGBT People Doesn't Make Me Less Proud

Sorry Homophobes, Your Ignorance Doesn't Make Me Less Proud Of Who I Am

Sorry, not sorry, to burst your bubble of ignorance.

Megan Wittorp

When I came out, I was terrified of people judging me for my sexuality

So often to people with closed minds and hate in their hearts feel the need to express their negative views with people they don't agree with. It's not for debate, it's to demean people.

I was afraid of those people.

While I have yet to deal with them personally, I know they exist, and I know they still feel the need to invalidate myself and other LGBT+ identities.

Attention to anyone who has a problem with my sexuality: I don't care.

I spent years not being sure of who I was, and now that I've found confidence in my sexuality, I'm not going to stop because someone "doesn't support my life choices."

This was never a choice, and it never is for LGBT+ people.

I didn't wake up and choose to be who I am, it was always in me. Did you wake up one day and just decide your identity? People figure it out with time, but no one decides.

Instead of accepting LGBT+ identities like my own and learning more about this community, you choose to close yourself off.

You choose to be ignorant of the realities we face, the reality of who we are, and the reality that we exist.

You cannot live in a bubble when LGBT+ people are everywhere.

You might refuse to support my sexuality, but I refuse to support your bubble.

I've spent a long time being scared of my own self, and now I'm not going to let someone else scare me.

At the end of the day, I am who I am, not a single person can change that — and I'm sure as heck not going to let it be someone who doesn't even understand who I am.

I am proud of who I am.

I am confident with who I am.

I am strong.

I am not going to let someone's fear of the unknown scare me into being anything less than those things.

If you feel like you don't understand me or other LGBT+ people and their identities, I suggest you read up and talk to people first hand.

It's 2019, and we need to stop trying to make LGBT+ people feel less than because of their identities.

It's time we stop being ignorant and open up. LGBT+ people aren't scary.

If you refuse to do that, then I guess ignorance is only bliss when it's in your bubble.

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