I Met My Unexpected Best Friend While Working at Walmart
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I Met My Unexpected Best Friend While Working at Walmart

Moving back home, working a job that I did not intend to have after graduating college, and waking up at 3AM for this job was everything but I expected, however, I met my best friend and I would not change that for anything.

I Met My Unexpected Best Friend While Working at Walmart

This is an article about my best friend, Chasity. As she is one of my biggest supporters, I am sure she is giving this article a HARD eye roll with the dramatic hand over her chest while her other hand flips her hair back because she is the most selfless, accepting, and dramatic (in the best humanly way possibly) friend I have met while living in High Point, NC


I worked at the local Walmart for a solid six months and frankly I don't know how I did it knowing every shift was 4AM-1PM (yes you read that correctly). I was basically working overnights, but not. However, it was one of two jobs I had so how I managed to make any friends working nearly 80 hours a week is mindboggling. But Chasity was different and unlike others I worked with, she went out of her way to greet me. According to her, she tried to compliment my piercings, but I wasn't having it that day and a simple "thank you" and back to work I went.

So sometime around month four of us working there, we hit it off the bat with simple conversations and I remember distinctly our Chipotle date to follow. Below and behold, she always saw me as a guy. She asked me questions about how I identified, and I was thrilled. Too, I told her Arin was not my name and man did those eyes get big as she was eating lunch with someone whose name was not as she had thought. From that day on, we had become best friends.


The pin on my shirt says "Birthday boy".@ian_mackenzie24

This past year, I had my first birthday as Ian, thus Chasity sure made it special. I had a rainbow scarf, "birthday boy pin" and the letter "I" that hangs from my mirror in my car. Unlike any other birthdays, I wanted this one to be simple, yet fun, so she took me to the pumpkin patch, ate at my favorite burger batch, and went to a sixteen year old haunted trail that lasted all of five minutes. But, it was one of the best birthdays I had.

Having a best friend that is also married is awesome. I can pretend to be her significant other for the night if anyone creepy hits on her or just because due to the strong marriage she has. Because, her husband welcomed me as Ian right away. Not only that, him and I bonded over cars as I had completely taken off my sideview mirror over the course of an adventure of my own. So not only am I Chasity's child at heart, I am also her husbands as he helps me with my car problems.

Sure, she already has a child as his name is Koda and he is a dog, but he honestly likes me better than her because he has a bad humping problem. I don't know quite what is being taught over there, but I do know I have a fancy new couch to sleep on. I also know that I will be fed because Chasity has constantly cooked for me. She doesn't really take no for an answer as I am a growing pubescent individual, but she has me hooked up.


Nothing finer than this pair at the Fair @ian_mackenzie24

Almost all of my best and worst adventures have come from partying or going out to bars until I met Chasity. She has taught me that I can be perfectly happy laying on a couch watching twenty minutes of Bird Box only to put it on pause and have a two-hour long conversation about life. Or get in the car and go grocery shopping only to decide we want to get Sonic too. There have been so many little adventures that stick out but one of my favorites has been modeling for her Depop.

As Chasity has supported and helped me grow into the individual I am, I cannot help to express how proud I am of her and running her shops. Only for her would I model clothes and strut down the hall as it were some kind of runway. Too, only for her would I spend time thrifting as shopping is not much of my thing. However, she's my go to and I thank her tremendously. So, if you are trying to find some great finds, I suggest clicking the links below.

Chasity on Depop

Chasity on Etsy

Chasity on Facebook


I got lucky w you. @ian_mackenzie24

So, Chasity if you are reading this, which I know you are, I thank you. Thank you for always being someone to talk to. Thank you for understanding the days I need space and the days I just don't respond because I suck at texting. Thank you for taking the time to come and get me from Precision Tune when my car needs service (which is often). And thank you for being the most openminded person in regards to me transitioning and doing "gay-like" things. One might say I am your dude, but in reality, you are mine. And we are not the mushy type of best friends, but I love you.

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