Poetry On Odyssey Letting You Back In

Darkness awaits
Hope arises
Love is fearful
Happiness can be eternal

I want a moment
With you and me
Lost in each other
With nothing to hold but emotion
Me and you
Soon to become solidified
Into gold

I dared to stare
Right in your eyes
Begging you
Desperately wanting this to end
It never did.
Continued on and on
Time went by
Day after day
Week after week
Year after year
Until at one point
I got up and raised a toast
To the life I was going to create

From that moment till now
I ripped every bandage
Let all them breathe
Cried every tear
Healed my soul
And Made myself become
So bitter cold

No emotions
No care in the world
No love to give
No love to hold

I gave it my all
And still I couldn't keep you from
Coming right back in

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