Love Letters To The Unknown

Dear Dad,

To the father I don't talk to. I've thought about a million things to tell you. Each time I end up not sure of what to say or if it's even right. I have so much frustration towards you but somehow the love I have for you overpowers it all. I wonder why you haven't spoken to me or even tried to reach out. Is there something wrong with me? Or do you just not love me like I love you. I always question why you left us without a fight. Why was it so easy for you to leave and not look back. You're supposed to love me unconditionally but yet your love for me stopped. I sent you a letter a few years back. I know you got it. Was that not enough for you to call me or send me a letter back? Every time I do something life changing I've wanted you to be there. I wondered if you'd be proud like I felt at that moment and if you wouldn't be ashamed to be my father. In the end, I hope you're safe and well. I wish the best for you because through it all my love for you will never die.

Dear No one,

You have become a faint thought in my mind. You meant so much at the time but now it seems like you're off in a different planet and our lives will never coexist again. I am actually fine with the idea of not having to see you. The very thought used to make my stomach churn and my mind rocket. It was like I wasn't going to survive because you weren't going to be here anymore. I've learned that I'm stronger without you and that I had to go through this heartache to reach the point where I am at now. I'm going through life not afraid of the beginnings and the endings.

Dear My future someone,

I'm sorry if it's hard for me to trust right away. I don't want to get attached to you from the start and yet I know I will. I won't show it and I'll always try my best to hide it but believe me I care for you. I get excited over the smallest things. I could see a picture of a giraffe and it'll make my day. I try my best not to overwhelm people with the way I am. I hope you don't get tired of my over exciting personality. I also have days where I feel down or agitated with no explanation whatsoever. Just bear with me. I'll always be there for you when you go through rough times and the good times. You won't have to question if you have any support in your life because you'll have me. I love just being able to enjoy little things in life with someone else and I hope you do too. I plan to enjoy life to the fullest, care for people immensely, and help the world as much as I can. If you can accept me for all my flaws and heart, I'll accept you completely.

P.s. : I love pets so I hope you're ready.

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