I know it's hard to be in a new environment full of strangers that don't even speak your language. Classes may be easy for you because you're dang smart, but that's likely the only easy thing you'll ever find. No matter how complicated an assignment or a test can be, at least there're guidelines.

Other things barely have any type of "scoring guides." You may not know what to expect even though you binge-watched hundreds of related shows. You may not know how to react because your culture's one friendly act can be poisonous to another's. And then you just stop communicating because it's too exhausting.

Because no one tries to understand you. It's the similar work required of the brain, and people like to do fast, easy things. They have other friends who can understand their jokes and respond quickly in articulated speech, so they don't bother you. You're just like that difficult, boring, and elaborate math problem that mostly everyone will try to avoid.

So sad, isn't it?

But please, no matter how depressed your situation is, don't forget about the friends you have made. The ones that share your culture, your dreams, your emotions, your strengths and your weaknesses. Even though they cannot come to your assistance immediately when you need help, they will give you support throughout the process.

They will help you remember how great you really are, and that nothing can defeat you. They may not understand the situation very well, but they understand you well enough. They know what will help you the most, and to what extent should they give you emotional support so you can stand up again confidently.

The situation might be sad, but keep yourself joyful. Your perspective can change the world, trust me :)

Much love,