A Letter To Victoria's Secret From All The Pissed Off Women Needing Swimsuits

A Letter To Victoria's Secret From All The Pissed Off Women Needing Swimsuits

I'm not one to tell you how to run your company, but discontinuing your swimwear was not the smartest.

Dear Victoria's Secret,

I have never owned or ran a multi-million dollar company, so I am not making judgments regarding your marketing decisions. However, since your announcement regarding your decision to stop manufacturing your highly coveted swimwear, I have witnessed countless rants on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and almost every girl I know have a mental breakdown over where they are going to buy their swimsuits this year.

So, why can we not just get them somewhere else? You just get us VS. You understand that underwire is important for us women who are bigger than an A cup, and push-up padding is helpful for those lesser blessed women. You understand our need for something sexy, yet also supportive and "covering." You were also easier to customize than some places, and sizing was not a problem, since most of us already buy our bras and underwear from you. We are also creatures of habit, so I, and others, have begun to look forward to seeing your new designs every year.

So, are we going to stop shopping at VS? Of course not! We just want you to know that we are deeply saddened and disappointed...and if you ever decide to bring them back, we will welcome you with open arms.

Although we are all a little ticked off by this decision, and I feel as if it will impact our lives greatly, I feel like it may impact you as well. I myself bought 3 or 4 swimsuits a year from you, and while on the website, a few other things. Most girls I know also bought a good bit from your website when summer came around. Now? You won't have that. Sure you have the fitness wear collection, but sorry VS, Nike has my heart in the fitness department. So while I hope it doesn't hit you too hard negatively, i kinda do, so maybe you'll bring them back.

So, VS, I hope you consider your customers anger and disappointment and give it a second thought for next year. In the meantime, I'll just be frantically searching the internet for my swimsuit for this year.


Your Pissed Off Customers

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