Dear Donald Trump
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Dear Donald Trump

The thoughts I've been holding in

Dear Donald Trump

Donald Trump,

I didn't vote for you. In fact, I protested you.

I'd like to start off with congratulating you on winning the presidency, something that I and a large percentage of people never thought would happen. You are now the president of the United States and that's great for you, and for all the people that don't seem to understand the person you are. For the rest of us though, we are scared.

You won because of the electoral college and not because you were the popular vote. I'm not alone is saying that you will never be my president.

The night of the election I sat in my room, confident Hillary Clinton was going to win. The closer you got to winning made me increasingly uneasy. I remember getting into bed to go to sleep and hearing the newscaster state that you, Donald Trump, were going to be the next president. In that moment, my heart dropped. I was broken hearted and scared. I called a friend sobbing, because I just couldn't process the news that a racist, homophobic, sexist was going to take on the role of leading our country. Of course, you being Donald Trump, don't care that I was broken hearted or scared. Chances are if you read this, you would get on your Twitter, insult me, and threaten to defund something beneficial to me or someone else.

You don't care for other races, other genders, other religions. Because I am a women, because I am bisexual, because I'm a minority, because I'm me, I no longer felt like I could be now that you were going to take office.

To think that just before the inauguration I thought maybe, just maybe, you wouldn't do all of the things you said you would. I was wrong and I'm ashamed to even admit that I had that hope for you to be different. It hasn't been long since you were inaugurated and took the role of president and already you have disappointed and done ridiculous things as president.

I think it's unfortunate you were raised with hatred in your veins. You seem to believe that to be American, you cannot be a race other than white. While this might not have been your intention (I bet it was Donald Trump) you have allowed racism, sexism, and homophobia to be normalized. I admit I am not as afraid of you as I am of the people you influence. The statements you make, the things you do make people that have been taught to maintain silence on their sexist, homophobic, and racist thoughts no longer feel afraid to speak their hatred. You, as the president have normalized this unspeakable behavior. While I disagree with all the decisions you have made thus far, I'm not as afraid of those than of this behavior you've normalized. There are a lot of us that disagree with you and that will not be silent about it. I promise you president Trump, if you do something we find as unjust, we will protest and make ourselves heard because this is not a great America.

K. Der

I was inspired to write this letter to Donald Trump because of one I read on Twitter earlier this week. To read her letter (which if I do say, is much better than mine) click here to read part 1 and here to read part 2.

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