A Letter to the Places I'll Go

To the places I'll go,

I've always been the kind of person who wanted more. Do more, be more, see more. Growing up in a small town, surrounded by the same people and places left me feeling like a bird with clipped wings. For as long as I can remember, I've felt like I was trapped in my own life, waiting for the time when I could finally start living a life of adventure; I've never intended to stay in one place forever. So many places swirled in the back of my mind, calling my name, waiting for the day that I'd step foot on fresh soil.

It's difficult. The people here are complacent. They enjoy the endless cycle that comes with life that begins and ends in the same exact place. Growing up surrounded by those ideas leaves someone with big hopes and a heady bucket list puzzled... like a fish out of water. I counted down the days until I could leave for college, knowing that distance and fresh surroundings could foster my aspirations in a way that my home never could.

And so, I write this letter to you -- the places that I'll go. There are so many of you, spanning across the globe. I can see you so clearly in my mind. Pristine white sands, lush colors, towering palaces and cathedrals, and green jungle wildlife. The places that I've only travelled in my head, through the books that I've read or the stories I've been told. As my life changes, my dreams have always been the same. From Paris to Melbourne to Bali, I crave everything you offer. The sights you hold, the experiences you provide, and the cultures that you nurture are invaluable to my wandering heart. So with this letter, I'm making a promise. To myself. To the places I'll go. I will never stop dreaming. I will never stop chasing. I will see every single one of you some day.


A Dreamer

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