To the outcast:

You know who you are. The one with dreams of sharing their thoughts with the world in new ways. The one that has doodles and song lyrics all over the sides of their notes and binders. The one that stays in to solve a problem rather than going out. The one that might dress differently, or speak in different ways. You think no one sees who you are, and if they do they just want you to change. I want you to know that I don't.

I want you to know that your medium, your art, whether it's music, painting, sculpting, science, math, poetry, story writing, is worth pursuing. You could be so wonderful, and you will add to our society no matter what you end up doing so do what makes you happy to get up every morning.

I know what people say. I've not only witnessed it, but felt it first hand. They call you names and insult your art. Not just peers, but adults also. Your parents even tell you to figure out something that will be "more practical" for your future. But you don't want to be a doctor or an accountant. You want to share your imagination, and inspire others to do the same. You want to be someone's Celine Dion, or Picasso, Katherine Jonhson or Langston Hughes. Instead, you're getting called fag, nerd or worthless, and being told to get in line.

The truth they don't tell you is the world always needs another scientist, another philosopher, another guitarist, another engineer. You don't have to be the minority or majority to do what you want. You don't need to be the best there ever was at the age of 15 to be able to pursue your dreams. Passion goes a long way. The goal you have to keep is to follow that passion and never let someone take it from you.

You are valid. Your dreams are valid. And one day, I know people will remember your name. So block them out, take your steps forward even if they're small, and be the person you truly want to be.

Their words will hurt, but let them drive you. I know you can do anything.


The Girl That Gave Up