Its hard letting you go. If I am honest I didn’t want to and I still don’t want to. Breaking up with you is the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I am still crazy in love with you, and I think that part of me always will be. However, I know that it is better for the both of us that we aren’t together right now. You need to focus on yourself, and I need to focus on myself. We both made mistakes and we both need to fix things in ourselves before we can be an adequate partner to someone else. I think honestly, I was ready to be a girlfriend and for that I am sorry. I think we should have spent more time as friends, gotten to know each other on a deeper level, and then if we were both ready then we could have started dating. Who knows if that would have changed the outcome of now, I just can’t help but think maybe it could have.

I know that you would probably say that this was all my fault, and a week ago maybe I would have agreed. However, I now know that it took two to get us in this situation and it’s on both of us that we are broken up. I am sorry for all the ways that I hurt you, but I need you to know that you hurt me also. You might not think you did, but you did. I wish you saw that, because if you did again, maybe things would be different between the two of us now. Again, we will never know but I can’t help but think. I do need you to take responsibility for the hurt you caused, but I am not going to lose sleep over this because I’d lose a bit too much.

Now I need to make this clear, I am not mad at you and I hope that we can remain friends. You were the man that I thought I was going to marry. I had so much of our life planned out and now that over, but that’s okay because there are better things out there for the both of us. And if I am honest, you never know what will happen with us. We aren’t right for each other now but later we could be. I don’t think I will lose hope but I am also not going to hold onto that. I am going to try to move on and I think you need to also although, if we find our way back to each other than there we go. Please know this, take this with you always; I want nothing more than for you to be happy always. You deserve nothing less than that. I also hope that you don’t need a woman to make you happy you can do that all on your own.

With love always,

Your (ex) Princess