Dear Hopeless Romantics of High school,

I've observed your type for quite some time now. You think you are in love, whatever that may be. To me, love does not exist in high school. Yes, you hear the occasional story about high school sweethearts, but in reality, its hopeless. Your relationship will not work out, and after you graduate you will go your separate ways.

You may think I have a pessimistic perspective on love. However, tell me. Is love sitting next to each other during lunch? Is love going on recreational dates on the weekend? Is love posting a #wcw on Instagram every week? Is love holding hands, or physically touching each other whenever possible? Is love going on double dates to the movies, or being a gentleman and paying for the sushi that you both secretly hated? Perhaps its constantly shoving it in everyone else's face that you're in a relationship, and they're not. You get each other 1 month gifts, and 1 month turns into 6 months, which turns into a year which is considered such an accomplishment considering you've technically broken up twice in the past year. When you finally turn 16, you get your license, so now you have the freedom to drive around to see your partner whenever you want, you just have to be home by 11pm.

So this is love. This is a phony version of love, and I don't believe anyone can truly be happy this way. This type of love provides a temporary happiness, but eventually it will end. Nothing is permanent. Not even the feeling where you feel like he's the one. Maybe you'll both agree to break up after high school graduation. Maybe you try to make it work, however 3 months into college life you decided you can't continue.

So for now, continue living your phony love lives, and continue being fake happy. It won't last forever. But what do I know? I'm just a 17 year old in love.