A Letter To Those In Need

Dear beautiful people,

Have you ever noticed how carefully you tread? Each and every step, word, and action carefully thought out in hopes of appeasing the one who was supposed to love you unconditionally. Nothing you do is for you. Every move is made like that of a chess game because you don't want to anger the beast.

The relationship has spiraled so far out of control you can't even remember what a loving word or touch is like from them. You try so hard to make it work, not because you want to or even for love but because you feel stuck. You feel as if there is no escape and you have nowhere to turn. You may even feel like you deserve it. Like everything that is said and done to you is just another reason as to why don't deserve happiness and love.

But I am here to say that you do deserve love and happiness. You did nothing wrong and if you want to escape the tallest tower in the castle you can find a way. Everyone deserves a happily ever after, but never at the expense of someone else's.

I know some of you always put others before yourself. Now is the time to do the exact opposite. Because you deserve to be put first. So even when you feel alone or as if there is no hope, just know that you have someone in your corner. You have someone cheering you on as you fight your battle.

You are a warrior and you are strong.

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