A Letter To Those Guys Who Wear Shorts In -5 Degree Weather

Every winter, no matter the drastic temperature changes, there is always one constant phenomenon...people who feel it's okay to wear shorts in negative degree weather! And every winter we freak out about it, talk about it, post about it.

But why does this happen? What are these people thinking? Do they even experience feeling cold? Do they ever regret wearing shorts? Does their frostbite say otherwise?!

We can attempt to get answers to these questions. There are only so many times we can be surprised by seeing someone in shorts and a t-shirt outside in frigid weather...right? Clearly not as it annually becomes the "hot topic." You can barely go a day during the winter months without personally seeing someone doing this "jaw-dropping" act, hearing about it from a friend, or seeing it all over social media. In all honesty, just a few days ago, I saw 5+ posts from the same account in shock over these "brave" or "stupid" souls wearing shorts in this kind of weather!

So, obviously, we have some questions on what compels people to tempt Frostbite's wrath. And it's no secret we have strong opinions toward these daredevils.

Have you no long pants? Frequently these people are seen without jackets too. Have you found a way to be immune to the cold?! (How dare you keep the secret to yourselves while the rest of us shiver underneath our millions of layers.) Do you just need a coat? A blanket maybe? Please, we're in the Midwest, we have plenty of layers to go around - take one!

Maybe we incessantly talk about this phenomenon because we are in awe of those who truly have no care in the world. We admire their determination to keep the spirit of summer and warmer times alive while the cold kills everything else. Or maybe we wish we could be 'Superhuman' like them and defeat the evil Frostbite for good.

Because of the recent wave of gossip surrounding the frequent short sightings in the dead of winter (*gasp*), I decided to take it into my own hands to try to receive some answers! It became clearly evident that these short-wearers are shy and so the answers were few and far between. Why can't they explain their behavior? Are they ashamed? Are they just now realizing they have frostbite and now have bigger problems to solve than answering my questions? I think the last one is most accurate, don't you?

So I took to the college populous hoping for some brutally honest responses and here's what I got. Enjoy!

Q: Why do you wear shorts during the winter?

A: "To flex on people who aren't from the midwest."

A: "I only wear shorts while at practice...like short shorts. But I put pants over them [to go outside.]"

And for the last response, my favorite response, that even apologized for the profanity:

A: "Comfort. Convenience. Mama ain't raise no b*tch. Being cold is just a mentality."

We've got to admire their enthusiasm and confidence.

Next, I went a little broader and asked just for people's opinions of those who wear shorts in weather that is clearly not meant for shorts. People are extremely more willing to give their opinions on this phenomenon rather than those who shy away from explaining why they do choose to wear shorts in negative degree weather. So, of course, I received quite the plethora of opinionated feelings.

Q: What is your opinion of those who wear shorts in the winter?

A: "weird flex but ok"

A: "Maybe just lazy? Definitely insane tho idk."

A: "they are FOOLS"

A: "I don't have much of an opinion, I just think it's weird and wonder why they do."

A: "if they're coming from inside to outside fast it's ok but otherwise nah"

A: "dumb"

A: "They're crazy!!! I wear shorts to bed though"

A: "Crazy! Lol"

A: "I think it's dumb unless they are working out."

A: "they're gonna get frostbite"

A: "they're literally so dumb lol you're gonna freeze"

A: "Either 1) Just worked out/had practice etc. or 2) Don't own many (if any) pairs of long pants."

A: "They are severely lacking in the common sense department."

A: "They are crazy/ They think they are tough and can overcome frostbite."

Well, you heard it here folks. There is not a very highly regarded opinion of those who wear shorts in the winter and there is limited acknowledgment or explanation from these short-wearers to help us understand them. So, next time you witness this phenomenon, maybe stop them and politely ask why they're wearing shorts or maybe how they're holding up against the weather. If you learn their secrets of deflecting frostbite, don't forget to share with the rest of us!

To all you short-wearers out there, we wish the best for you...and for your legs.

Layer up, everyone! Winter is no joke this year! Stay safe and have some winter fun!

**If you've reached the end of this article, just a shoutout to you and a big thank you! I hope you liked it! I tried writing something a little different this week. I hope the sarcasm got across and hope it brightened up a gloomy, cold winter day for some of you! I really appreciated everyone who helped by responding to my questions and for my amazing EIC who came up with the idea to write this article!**

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