A Letter To My Future Self—5 Years From Now

Dear future self,

How have you been? Where are you now? Did you finally graduate college? Do you finally have a boyfriend? Where are you at in life right now, reading this post? I hope that wherever you might be, hopefully and maybe Disney World, that you are doing OK.

I just wanted to say I am glad you are still here. I'm glad you never gave up on anything, especially yourself. I am more than glad you're still here. I am proud of you! You did it! You got through some of the bumpiest and rockiest moments of your life! I am sure there will be more to come, if they haven't already, now that you're a real-life adult doing real-life adult things. But that's the thing. You're an adult now!

You have no one controlling every second of your life or controlling the way you see yourself by constantly putting you down. Hopefully, by now, you have moved far away from the negativity that seemed to engulf you in college. I am happy you stuck through it all and didn't let what anybody said ruin it for you. It may have been hard, but you got through it.

You, hopefully, proved everyone wrong. Especially dad. If I know you well, you're in New York or Philly working for some amazing advertising or PR firm working your butt off to get the position you so rightfully deserve. You put 110% in everything you do and never fell short of anything. Hopefully, people recognized that by now. Keep killing it in everything you do and focus on you. Stop defining your life and choices on other people and do what makes you happy. Happiness is something you've constantly struggled with and I hope by now you've found your true happiness.

Although there were a plethora of times where you wish things went differently, never forget where you came from. No matter where you are right now or who you are, stay humble. Remember life when you were younger and who was in your life. They may not have always been the best to you or you may not have all good memories, but that is what shaped you to be the person and rockstar you are today. Hopefully, things are better. Hopefully, they're much better.

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