A Letter To My Low Maintenance Best Friend

To my low maintenance best friend,

You have been my best friend since high school and even before then. You and one other have remained my friends (in contact) since graduating. I haven't seen you in approximately a year and a couple months now. Does it suck? Absolutely. Does that change anything between us? Absolutely not.

I see you at least once or twice throughout the year. Is it less than we both would like, yes. Does that change anything, no. We are both so busy and fully consumed in our lives. We are in opposite directions. Literally, my college is in the northern part of the state and yours is in the southern part. Jokes aside, we have different goals for ourselves and aspirations that lead us away from each other. I know it is supposed to happen because that is life.

If I know any better, you are probably updated on my social media life. Despite how busy you are, there is probably a part of you that creeps through the Instagram or Facebook feed. I know I do it! Am I embarrassed, never. I shouldn't be! We're kind of pros at it.

In a way, social media is a blessing because when your name pops up on a timeline feed, I get an update about how you're doing. Through pictures seeing you laugh with co-workers and friends as well as that once in a while sibling photograph, it's reassuring knowing things are going well.

I know you have grown to have a case of the travel bug, because one minute I'm finishing up looking through pictures of Ireland and the next thing I know you're in Las Vegas and San Diego! You are all over the globe and it's exactly what you've always wanted to do. I am so incredibly proud of you for that too. I remember we would talk in classes and lunches about places we wanted to travel. You have met so many incredible people throughout your travels who have been fortunate enough to have had you in their lives even if for a short time.

Me? I'm doing my own thing here, working my butt off and exactly what you're doing. Your own thing.

We don't have to be in constant contact with each other. Today, people constantly need to be in contact with their friends. If you and I did that 24/7, I think we would drive ourselves insane. If I see something on Instagram that I know you'll have a laugh about, I'll tag you. If you think for one minute I've forgotten our friendship you're nuts.

We both have an understanding that we both have different goals to accomplish and places we wish to travel. We can't always drop everything and see each other. It's difficult but we are similar in the sense that nothing had changed. Maybe new experiences have changed us personally, but our friendship? No way, we are so weird. We need each other.

We have done this before. I didn't see you for a couple months, and when we got together we just picked up where we left off. That's exactly what we will continue to do. Until we meet our rock star future husbands and then we'll live out our lives together touring and drinking Mimosa at an 11:00 a.m. Brunch. Wishful thinking.

So, thank you. Thank you for being my low maintenance best friend. The best friend that does not care how long we go without seeing each other. The best friend that regardless of distance, remains a vital part in my life. The best friend that still will call me to see if I'm back in town. The best friend that will probably text me after reading this knowing it's about her. Goof.

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