To Fellow Veterinary Students — I Understand How Hard It Is
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To My Fellow Veterinary Students — I See You And Understand How Hard It Is

I understand how hard it is, you are not alone.

To My Fellow Veterinary Students — I See You And Understand How Hard It Is
Elizabeth Fidler

Veterinary field is hard, it is exhausting, it is heartbreaking.

But I see you, doing your hardest to get through school.

I see you exhausted after a long work day, working extra hours because there is a sick animal and you're too scared to leave in case they pass while you're gone.

I see you crying, having mental breakdowns because you don't think you are smart enough, feeling helpless because you couldn't save the animal you tried so hard to save.

I see somebody trying to comfort something that doesn't understand what is going on and they're scared.

I see you, covered in bodily fluids from an animal that couldn't hold it.

I see you, sweat, tears and blood.

I see you overworked and overwhelmed.

But, I see a superhero.

I see a strong heart.

I see compassion and a heart of gold for even the aggressive animals.

I see the want for every animal you can have because you love them all.

I see an extremely smart individual because learning the anatomy of every single animal seems impossible, but you're still doing it.

I see somebody who refuses to give up.

You are not alone. People don't understand how hard it is. But look at you, you're doing it, you refuse to give up, or you've already achieved your accomplishment.

I'm proud of you and your dedication for animals. Don't ever give up.

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