A Letter To My Ex Best Friend's New Best Friend
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A Letter To My Ex Best Friend's New Best Friend

From one best friend to another.

A Letter To My Ex Best Friend's New Best Friend

Having a best friend is one of the best things in life. You always have someone to turn to when you're upset, someone you can count on, and someone you share all your favorite memories with. Unfortunately a best friend doesn’t always last a lifetime and that’s one of the hardest goodbyes to come to terms with.

My best friend was amazing. We did almost everything together and we always seemed to be having the time of our lives even if it was just running errands. But one day our friendship just started to go downhill. We were growing up and also growing apart. Eventually I had to end it and we didn’t leave off the way I wanted to.

Now, I’ve tried reaching out to my ex best friend multiple times but the responses are never what I wanted to hear, so I stopped. I know she has someone new, she has a new best friend and new friends. She has someone new who she turns to, someone new that she tells everything to and texts all day, and it kills me. But I’m also glad that she found someone else, just as I did. It helps a little but more to cope with the end of our friendship.

So, to her new best friend, I have some things you should know that I’ve learned over the years of being friends with her and also some things to ask of you and I really hope that you listen so you don’t have to go through what I did.

Know that she doesn’t like to open up that easily. She will say she is fine at first, but there will be something bothering her.

Know that when she says “okay” she actually is okay but “OK” is a whole other story.

Know that she’s strong and can handle a lot of what life throws at her.

Know that she’s been hurt in the past by boys, friends, and once by me. This may make it a struggle for her to let you in.

Know her favorite songs and places to eat.

Know that when she falls for someone she falls hard.

Know that she doesn’t take shit from anyone, including you.

Know that she’s stubborn at times and likes to get her way.

Know that she’s one of the best at helping you cheer up even when it feels impossible.

Know that letting her go is one of the hardest things to do, so unless you really have to, don’t.

Now keeping all these in mind, please also do me a favor, from one best friend to another:

Please make sure she’s okay because I’m not there to watch her anymore.

Please make her laugh until she cries because those were our favorite moments together.

Please remember all your inside jokes and times in the past because she loves remembering her favorite memories.

Please listen to her when she vents because she needs a good listener and to know you are there for her.

Please be a great best friend to her.

I know my friendship with her is over and you’re now in her life. I think about her still from time to time and maybe one day we will work through all this and maybe you and I can meet. But for now, take care of her and enjoy every moment that you spend together because you never know where life will take you two.

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