Believe: The Source of Trust

Believe: The Source of Trust

As the finals week draw near for college students we slowly lose the motivation we had in the beginning of the semester and forget our most valuable asset, ourselves.


If you're a college student with the final exams just weeks away from today, chances are you are stressed and attempting to procrastinate right now. Your grades in your class probably don't so well and honestly if you flunk your final exam it's hard to say if you would even pass the class. By now you're anxious and scared of the looming exams that you think you're probably going to fail and how to retake the class over again and completely destroy your GPA. You've lost all confidence in yourself to succeed because there's just so much on your hands right now with schoolwork, studying, and social life that it's impossible to organize them so that one doesn't conflict with the other. Maybe you even feel that there's no point in struggling because there's no hope left anyways and the person that was full of confidence and encouragement at the beginning of the semester was long gone. Yet when you repeatedly ask yourself if you're ready to give up a small part of you still suggests that there's still hope, that the passion that once drove you to take these classes still exists.

What is a belief? As Google defines it is trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. When we think about belief we would resort to thinking about people's belief in religion or some sort of idea. However as there's much more to belief than just religion. Believing means that you think that something is true even though there aren't facts pointing towards it or away from it. Believing means that you are willing to put money on it and that the thing you believe in has your trust. Believing means even if everything is lost you will still have hope in that thing you believe. We often times think that we could only believe in entities other than ourselves, that what we believe in must be some other object or person, but in reality the most important thing to believe in is ourselves.

When we start to lose belief in ourselves, we begin to distrust our actions, our thoughts, and our plans; Everything we do will be meaningless to us because we don't believe it will be any help to us or make any progress. Some people choose to dedicate their entire life into believing in something else and that's why there's terrorism and extremists that are willing to sacrifice themselves to support the thing they believe in. They don't trust in anything else other than the people who also believe in the same thing they do and everything that's not part of their belief are all expendables in the face of belief. When we lose belief in ourselves, we are literally being orientated by our own mind. We begin distrust everything we do like how we would distrust a stranger's action. We make ourselves become foreign to our own mind and in return our mind devalues everything we do. When a person believes in a cause or a person, they are willing to give up anything for it. A person without belief is like a person without a brain because they would have no purpose to continue to live. Everyone in this world continues to strive for that belief and once that belief is broken and they have nothing to fight for they fall off and die.

This is why so many college students have depression. They could no longer find the belief they once had before starting college and they were so confident that they could endure anything before all the college pressure hit them like a truck. Now with the final exams coming forward the final blow is coming towards our way and it's time to fire up the initiate belief and trust we had in ourselves. The more time we spend on doubting whether we could pass the exams the less time we will spending to study. We're so focused on distrusting ourselves and our capabilities that we become paralyzed. You won't realize how strong and powerful you are when you don't believe in yourself, so now is the time to stand up and ignite that confidence you had when you started this semester. Remember what your goal was and what you wanted to be in the future? Remember the burning passion you had before the start of college? Remember how you would do anything to become that person you envisioned yourself to be in the future? So now is the time to believe in yourself, to trust in your capabilities, and to be able to get that bread. You just have to believe.

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It's The Most (Miserable) Time Of The Year

As January approaches, the once-happy winter season ends.


Temperatures have dropped below freezing, mounds of black snow line the sidewalks, and all the pretty lights put up a month ago have vanished. That's right folks; it's January!

Given the gloomy weather and lack of activity, it comes as no surprise that post-holiday January is considered one of the most depressing times of the year. Only a month ago it was the "happiest season of all," but after all the gifts were given and the families (finally) returned home, the anticipation and warmth associated with the early winter months left. And then we were forced to return to school and work. It's a depressing combination, to say the least.

The "winter blues" aren't just a colloquialism -- for about five percent of Americans who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), the months of December, January, February, and March can mean severe depression. The disorder, more commonly found among women, is believed to be caused by changing circadian rhythms, a result of shorter days, and/or melatonin imbalances in the brain.

It's worth noting that SAD is rare, and though most people do not experience such severe depression in the winter, no one is completely immune to seasonal sadness. In fact, the third Monday of January, dubbed "Blue Monday," is commonly referred to as the saddest day of the year. The concept was first introduced in 2005 by public relations firm Sky Travel and backed by Dr. Cliff Arnall, a former tutor at Cardiff University in Britain. The date is formulated by a combination of factors that affect seasonal depression, like post-holiday debt, bad weather conditions, and low motivation to act on New Year's resolutions.

Although "Blue Monday" has no scientific standing and is usually used as an advertising ploy, the idea that January owns the most miserable day of the year doesn't sound too far from the truth. But it doesn't have to be so gloomy -- there are multiple ways to ease seasonal depression. One of the most popular of these, light therapy, involves sitting a few feet from a light box right after waking up each day. The light box mimics the natural sunlight so often lacking during winter and is thought to act as a mood-booster.

Yes, winter may be a particularly terrible time, but all this isn't to say that it's the only melancholy season. Those who suffer from depression show symptoms no matter what the weather. It's important that we make our mental health a priority all the time, not just during these few somber months. 'Tis always the season for self-care.

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