A Letter To My Best Friend Who Is Graduating
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Student Life

A Letter To My Best Friend Who Is Graduating

Take every opportunity and make it yours.

A Letter To My Best Friend Who Is Graduating

This is it. This is your moment. You’re sitting in the arena among a crowd of other students. All of you are nervously but also excitedly waiting for your time. Your time to walk on stage and feel success, accomplishment, and most importantly, closure. Your row is being called to stand up, and you begin making your way toward the stage. Almost there. You hear the names being called in front of you, and you begin to feel overwhelmed as you move closer and closer. Then, your name is called. You walk across the stage with a huge smile on your face even though you’re mostly focusing on not tripping. You reach out your hand as you prepare to receive your diploma, and then you’re finished! Those years of hard work are finally over and now it is time to move forward. Let me tell you best friend, I have never been more proud of you.

Everything you have done, between those difficult teachers and tedious homework assignments, as well as the late night cram sessions and early morning coffee doses were all worth your while. Finishing college and getting your degree is one of the most terrifying, yet liberating experiences you’ll ever have. This is because you’re only twenty-one and your whole life is waiting to begin. You can do anything and you can be anybody. The world is yours so take it by storm.

Do you want to know why I admire you so much? I admire you because finished college early and all you want is to be happy with your future. You are not the type to settle. You are the type to wait until something perfect comes along. Your bravery and compassion are two qualities that you possess that I know will bring you greatness. Whatever you do and whatever you achieve will be out of pure joy and preparedness. I am so proud of you for taking this next step into your future with your head held high, because most people graduate in fear.

I must say though, I still have a year to go before I graduate, so wherever life takes you, please don’t forget your quirky and awkward best friend. Even If you stay in Jacksonville, or move halfway across the county, I will be just a phone call away for anything you will ever need. I will always appreciate our girls’ nights, where we would drink crappy gas station wine and watch old Disney movies until I fell asleep on your couch. I will always appreciate the time we celebrated your birthday at the beach, because that was the day we became really close friends. I will always appreciate the 7-hour drive we took to Georgia so that we could experience beautiful sights together. We have so much more to do and so much more to see, and no matter where each of us are in the world, we are going to accomplish those things together.

Go where life takes you. Do not be afraid of change. We are in the prime of change. Everything that happens from this point on will be completely unexpected, but you have to take everything with a blind eye and strive for success. Do not hold back on an opportunity, take that opportunity and make it yours. Don’t let anything keep you from achieving success, because I promise, I will be right by your side.

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