Where do I even begin to start. For those who might actually live under a rock and haven't heard what Kathy Griffin has done, let me give you a small briefing.

See, Kathy Griffin claims that she is a comedian. She claims that this GRUESOME act was a "joke" and once again referred to herself as a "comedian" saying that "joking" is what she does.

So what happened was she set up a photoshoot with a man by the name of Tyler Shields who is apparently "known" for edgy and shocking photoshoots. The photoshoot consists of President Trump's head all bloody as Kathy is seen holding it in her hands. She even jokes in the photoshoot that her and the photographer "are going to have to move to Mexico after the pictures are released because they feared they'd be thrown in prison"... WHERE THEY BELONG. She has since apologized with a total half-ass apology that she literally didn't mean. You can just see that in her 30 second video where she claims that she "crossed a line" and "she went way too far". Duh. Claiming she had just seen the backlash from the photos that every news reporter, every politician, and yes, even Chelsea Clinton commented about it (insert serious shock here that a Clinton actually thought of something actually being morally wrong).

The thing is though with you, Kathy, is that you knew it was wrong when you were doing it. I mean.. You're holding a PRESIDENT'S HEAD IN YOUR HAND. What would make you think that is okay on any level? If you have any conscience at all, you would see that the fact that you are holding our Nation's leader at such a low standard as you hold his bloody head in your hands. That just gives America the freedom to think, "Well, Kathy Griffin did it, I can too". How did you think that people would react? Did you think they would clap for you and tell you what a great "joke" you made? No.

Honestly I'm disgusted. I'm disgusted that this is the thing that mainstream Hollywood liberals, or the nicer way to put it AKA "the left" believe is okay. I'm disgusted because no matter what, if a Conservative had done that to Barack Obama's head it would've been two things: racist AND immoral. And yeah, they probably would have been shamed by the media, by the whole world, and had to fall of the face of the Earth. But no, not you Kathy... this will all blow over for you because you are entitiled to your opinion, but conservatives aren't. So don't worry.

I'm disgusted that there are so many people who actually think what you did is funny or the "truth" but they just won't say it now because you've received so much backlash. I'm disgusted because I know that no matter how wrong, immoral, and disgusting this is, you won't get any punishment whatsoever. Just like when Madonna spoke her famous phrase "ya know, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House" while Trump was just starting to move in.

This is a double standard. You should be held accountable for this. You should be banned from your regular appearances on CNN, your upcoming "comedy" shows should be cancelled, and yeah, honestly... I think you should go to prison. Along with Madonna, and anybody else who is willing to say or do something so disgusting. How these actions aren't terroristic threatening I'll never know. I get "freedom of speech" but when does the line actually get crossed for someone to actually get in trouble.

I mean c'mon... Martha Stewart got thrown in prison for lying about a stock sale and we can't throw any of you in prison because they'll say it is your first amendment right that isn't even morally correct and isn't a "peaceful". You people get excuse after excuse made for you and that is one of the problems in America. That and people like you who believe this is okay to do in the first place..... you all are the problem in America. You are what has influenced them.

Kathy Griffin, you're apparently entitled to this "first amendment right" that they will claim it is. So here's mine: you are a disgusting human being.

Give me a break.