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An Open Letter To My Grandma In Heaven, The Holidays Surely Aren't The Same Without You

Everything about it was perfect, even if it wasn't perfect for her.

Bruce McCandlish

My Grandma Bonnie absolutely loved the holidays! It was her favorite time of the year. She had hundreds of Christmas decorations and ornaments ready to go the day after Thanksgiving. Her house was like a walking into Santa's workshop. Everywhere you look there was something surrounding Christmas.

In my Grandma's house, it was anything from watching "Home Alone" to baking to feasting on a home-cooked meal. Christmas was the best in her house. I loved it.

Once my Grandma passed away, I knew Christmastime would never be the same. In our house, Christmas would still be the celebration of Jesus. There would always be a few things missing though. It was everything my Grandma did. I can still remember walking into her house the first Christmas without her. It was bare. There was one thing I wanted more than anything else- for Christmas to be the same way again.

Christmas at my Grandma's house was so special. Everything about it was perfect, even if it wasn't perfect for her. She made Christmas feel like I was a little kid every year. The smell coming from the kitchen with the twinkling lights off of the Christmas tree. Might I add the soft music in the background? It was the best.

My Grandma made everything about the holiday season seem right. Her excitement for it lit up the room! She knew exactly how to make you full, both on food and joy, and it was the best. There will never be another holiday season like it without my Grandma Bonnie.

There was something so special about Christmas at my Grandma's house. Everything seemed so right. Nothing could ruin it. Christmas at my Grandma's house was special. The hours spent in the living room watching Home Alone and crying because it made me laugh so hard is something I will always treasure. Nothing could ever beat her joy at Christmastime, and I will always miss it.

For now, though, I want to say thank you to my Grandma. Thank you for giving me precious childhood memories during the holiday season and leaving me with memories near and dear to my heart. Every time I see a Barbie ornament, I think of you. Every time I hear Christmas songs, I think of you. Every time I see trinkets as you had in the china cabinet, I think of you.


You have given me so much in my short twenty-one years of life, and I am forever thankful. Even though we no longer get to celebrate Christmas with you physically, I know you're celebrating it big time up there. You were the best, Grandma. I could never thank you enough. I'm already in the Christmassy mood just like you would be! I'll make sure to make your famous dishes this year!

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