Dear Future Me,

Hey girl, how are you doing? I am 21 years old now and living the dream. Ten or fifteen years down the road, there are so many things I wish you for you.

I hope, most importantly, that you still have a strong relationship with God. I hope you still pray every day and thank Him for everything you have in your life. He has blessed you with so much, so don't you dare ever forget it. I hope you, your husband, and your children are going to church every Sunday.

I hope you are married and settled down with the love of your life, no matter where you two end up living. I hope you are still waking up to forehead kisses and cuddles each and every day. I hope you have children that are happy and healthy, despite the gender. I hope you are as good of a mom as your mom because you always wanted to be just like her. You have a lot to live up to!

I hope you have a classroom full of first graders that look up to you and are eager to learn. I hope you are working as hard as you can to be the best teacher you can be. Those children depend on you. I hope and know that you will never give up on them.

I hope you visit you and your husband's parents as frequently as possible. Family comes first, and they'll always be the most important people in your life. Visit your brothers and sister, they miss you as much as you miss them.

I hope you are still making your exercise and diet a priority. You only have one body, so keep taking care of it. I hope you feel confident and feel beautiful every time you look in the mirror. Life is too short to hate the small details on your body; never stop loving yourself.

I hope you continue to surround yourself with good people and the best of friends. I hope these people make you laugh, are loyal, and always have your back.

I hope, overall, that you are happy. Genuinely happy. I hope that you don't go through a day without smiling and laughing. I hope your mind stays positive and your heart stays full.

I hope you are everything you promised the 21-year-old me you said you would be. I can't wait to see who you have become.

Much love,