When we left for college we made a promise that we would keep in touch over the next few years as we are apart like most friends do. However, like many others, most of us didn’t follow that promise as much as we would have liked, though it definitely isn’t our fault. Life grabs hold and days are packed with classes and homework and not being able to see each other every day starts to make it’s impact, and soon old friends start to slip away. It can and does happen to all of us. I’m here to say thank you for not only making an effort to stay in touch on those days when I forget to reach out, but for not giving up on me when we don’t talk for an extended period of time.

We go from seeing each other everyday in high school to almost never in a matter of months. We used to be all in one place and now we are spread out across the country. Everyone knows that when we leave for college many things change. We become more independent, we are more busy than before, and we meet new friends along the way. We start to forget how life was before we were all pulled apart and we over time the amount to texts and messages diminish to almost none. At that point many people tend to forget about the life and friends they had during high school and focus more on how to survive the new life they have created at college. Because of this, more often than not, high school friends move on with their life without the friends who followed them through their awkward middle and high school days. I, however, am glad that we didn’t forget about the friendship we had throughout the years and continue to laugh and support each other throughout the new adventure that is college.

Even though we all had stretches of radio silence over the past year, we never gave up on each other. I know things aren’t like they were before. We don’t see each other everyday and we aren’t as close as we were even one year ago, but we haven’t lost the friendship we have had even though we have all changed individually. We take time out of our busy summers to get together and catch up, telling stories from the year that has past and sharing new pieces of gossip we have heard while we were away. Even if we can’t get together for dinner or a movie we take the time to reach out and ask how everyone is doing in their busy lives to make sure we know that you are thinking of us while we are away and that you haven’t forgotten about us.

College is a time of change and meeting new people, and we have all done that. But we have also not forgotten the friendships we developed over years either. I know I don’t reach out as much as I should and when I receive a text from one of you asking how things are going it makes me smile knowing that even though we are so far apart we will always be there for each other on those hard days. So thank you for not giving up and keeping our friendship alive, even when I forget to contact you. Even though we do live busy lives and go through long period of silence, know that I am not giving up on you just a I hope you are not giving up on me, and next time we are together, I will be as if we never left.