An Open Letter To Incoming College Freshmen

An Open Letter To Incoming College Freshmen

We are now starting another chapter of our lives.

My fears about college are few, but they seem so big to me. I think that I can sum my fear up in about one word: unknown. I, like anyone else, feel more comfortable when I don't know what I am getting myself into. Unfortunately, no matter how much people tell me about what college is going be like, I won't really understand how college will be until I experience it for myself. I find myself thinking of things that in the scheme of things, are so small. "What will my room look like?" "Will my roommate and I get along?" "How much free time am I gonna have?" "How often will I be home?" I question myself constantly in my head about college. I'm also afraid of living away from my friends and family because they are all I have ever known. "What if I don't make any friends?" But then I remind myself, "Okay slow down, you're being ridiculous." I know that everyone has these conversations and fears in their heads. So, it is so comforting to know that none of us are alone. Yet, all of us can feel so alone and scared.

I think that the only way to go about this change is to close your eyes and jump. Take a leap of faith. We can all acknowledge our fears about going away to college, but the important thing is to not let it cripple us. Maybe even talking with people that are experiencing the same thing will help. We all must take this change head on with confidence that we are well prepared and that there is a reason that we are going wherever it is we may be going. Sure, we won't be around all of our family and friends, but home is just a drive/flight away. Will we lose some friends? Yes, but I believe that is how we know who our real friends are. Although growing up can be so bittersweet, I am choosing to focus on the positives.

We are now starting another chapter of our lives. We get to chose what we will be. If we are willing to work hard and focus, we can accomplish our dreams and we will be able to make the family and friends that we miss so much, proud.

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I'm A Woman And You Can't Convince Me Breastfeeding In Public Is OK In 2019

Sorry, not sorry.


Lately, I have seen so many people going off on social media about how people shouldn't be upset with mothers breastfeeding in public. You know what? I disagree.

There's a huge difference between being modest while breastfeeding and just being straight up careless, trashy and disrespectful to those around you. Why don't you try popping out a boob without a baby attached to it and see how long it takes for you to get arrested for public indecency? Strange how that works, right?

So many people talking about it bring up the point of how we shouldn't "sexualize" breastfeeding and seeing a woman's breasts while doing so. Actually, all of these people are missing the point. It's not sexual, it's just purely immodest and disrespectful.

If you see a girl in a shirt cut too low, you call her a slut. If you see a celebrity post a nude photo, you call them immodest and a terrible role model. What makes you think that pulling out a breast in the middle of public is different, regardless of what you're doing with it?

If I'm eating in a restaurant, I would be disgusted if the person at the table next to me had their bare feet out while they were eating. It's just not appropriate. Neither is pulling out your breast for the entire general public to see.

Nobody asked you to put a blanket over your kid's head to feed them. Nobody asked you to go feed them in a dirty bathroom. But you don't need to basically be topless to feed your kid. Growing up, I watched my mom feed my younger siblings in public. She never shied away from it, but the way she did it was always tasteful and never drew attention. She would cover herself up while doing it. She would make sure that nothing inappropriate could be seen. She was lowkey about it.

Mindblowing, right? Wait, you can actually breastfeed in public and not have to show everyone what you're doing? What a revolutionary idea!

There is nothing wrong with feeding your baby. It's something you need to do, it's a part of life. But there is definitely something wrong with thinking it's fine to expose yourself to the entire world while doing it. Nobody wants to see it. Nobody cares if you're feeding your kid. Nobody cares if you're trying to make some sort of weird "feminist" statement by showing them your boobs.

Cover up. Be modest. Be mindful. Be respectful. Don't want to see my boobs? Good, I don't want to see yours either. Hard to believe, I know.

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To The Professor That Thinks They're My Only Class

Spoiler Alert: you're not.


You all know exactly who I am talking about.

Everyone as that one teacher, or professor depending on your current level of schooling, that assigns work as if we have free time 24/7 outside of their class.

Just today, I sat in a (three hour) class while my professor reminded us of all the big assignments we have due soon, there were four. FOUR.

Not just a couple small things here and there, four intensive, and stressful assignments. This is a class I personally come to right after being up since 6 A.M. for four hours of student teaching, half of my weekly requirement, at a school that is an hour away. After class, I have an hour long break before I go to work for five hours. By the time I get home tonight I will have been going nonstop for 16 hours.

That is just a small insight into just how much that class is not the only thing I have going on tonight.

But you would have no idea of that if you listened to my professor talk. And, I'm sure that I am not the only one that has experienced this.

You see, if that professor were right and her assignments were my only concern, it would be no problem to be successful in the class. Unfortunately, that is not true. I have multiple classes that want to assign multiple hours of homework, every night.

And it is not just in college, I remember ridiculously late nights dating back to high school.

We all had teachers who sat up there and said "I only assign like two hours of homework, so its not too much." Okay, two hours is not that much but if you give me two hours, and my other four teachers give me two hours, I'm up to TEN hours. Ten hours of homework is longer than a full school day.

Maybe that is a slight exaggeration, but how is anyone supposed to function with that much pressure? When are we supposed to eat? Or sleep? Exercise? Work? Talk to anyone?

As a future teacher, I fully support the importance of a good education. But if you are out there teaching kids, of any age, make sure you factor in other classes and responsibilities, because we are dying over here.

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