Starting at the time I am writing this letter, I have 15 days until I leave for college. Meaning, I will not see you cuties until at least Thanksgiving. I know I don't get to see you a lot as it is, but knowing there is no family party we will all be at together until Thanksgiving is just plain sad. What am I going to do without seeing your infectious smiles and your silly performances? Even though I will not be around to see those things, promise me you will keep them up for the family to enjoy! I hope you like the small little blurbs I have included for each of you.

Summer, you never cease to amaze me! You are so beyond beautiful and I can not believe you are almost as tall as me at 11 years old. You shine at everything you do, whether it is scoring goals on the soccer field, running up and down the basketball court, or horseback riding with all the gorgeous horses. While I'm gone, stay your sassy little precious self and never let anyone dull your sparkle! (p.s. feel free to text or call me whenever you want!)

Hudsen, you are by far the coolest 10-year old I know! Your football skills are out of this world and you are such an incredible artist, it is mind-blowing. I have saved every drawing you and your siblings have made for me and I can not wait to hang my favorite shark one up in my dorm. I love talking about all things sharks and Star Wars with you and I love that you can talk about them for HOURS! Don't break too many hearts in 5th grade, kiddo.

Max, how do I even begin??? Your hugs could bring world peace! Soon enough though, you're going to be the one picking me up instead because you are growing up too darn fast. You are the most athletic 6-year old I have ever met and you and your brother always have the coolest hairstyles. Not to mention the skateboard skills you acquired in literally one day, very impressive! Every time your mom sends a picture of you, my heart melts into a puddle of goo. That cute little smile can melt ANYONE'S heart!!! I'm already counting down the days until I get my "Max hug" on Thanksgiving. Keep your radiant energy!

I can't thank you enough for all the smiles you have put on my face. I will always remembered the night I came to your house after having a terrible day and after being with the three of you for less than 10 minutes, all my problems seemed to disappear. You guys had no idea, but that night meant the world to me. Well, now that I have cried all over my laptop, it's time to wrap up this very sappy letter! All three of you are incredibly cute little balls of sunshine. I'm gonna miss your cute faces, butI guess being sent pictures and videos are just going to have to do (hint family) until I see all of you when I'm home. I love you three to infinity and beyond! Stay silly, munchkins :)