Dear Running Shoes,

We’ve been through a lot together, and I can tell that you’re starting to get old. You have little holes in your sides and worn down soles. You used to be bright and clean, but the parts of you that were white are clearly not white anymore. The logo on the inside is barely visible anymore. There are tiny threads hanging off the edges. And don’t think that I don’t notice your ripe smell from hours of sweaty workouts. But I have grown attached to you. We have literally spent hundreds of miles with each other, and now I feel like you are nicely broken in. When I completed my first road run with you on my feet, all stiff and new, I’m not going to lie – I wasn’t sure how I felt about you. It took a few days for us to become accustomed to each other, but soon you became my partner in crime. I feel like I’m not ready to let you go yet, but my coach thinks differently. He doesn’t think you can support me for much longer. I know that you’re looking a little rough, but we’ve made it this far – what’s a few more weeks going to do? Well, apparently there’s a possibility that it could hurt me if you fall apart much more, so although I am reluctant to replace you, I guess it’s in my best interest. I wouldn’t want to poke any more holes in your soles. I just want to thank you for being there for me when I needed you, and I’m sorry that it has to end this way.

Much love,

Your Running Partner