A Letter to My Roommate in the New Year

Dear Roommie,

Although we have been living together for a year and a half now, I have never felt closer to you than I did during the holiday season and as we enter 2018. We shared so many new experiences over these past few months alone and made so many great memories. In light of the brand new year we have ahead of us, here are a few things I'd like to thank you for that I don't say nearly enough:

Thanks for listening to all of my crazy stories.

Thanks for stressing out over school with me.

Thanks for having a panic attack with me the first time we invited the boys over.

Thanks for laughing with me on the floor.

Thanks for crying with me on the floor.

Thanks for dealing with and sleeping through my late-night essay writing sessions.

Thanks for giving me boy advice.

Thanks for letting me borrow your cute clothes.

Thanks for freaking out over our favorite TV shows with me.

Thanks for going out with me almost every weekend.

Thanks for staying in with me other weekends.

Thanks for pulling glass out of my foot on Halloweekend.

Thanks for listening to Ed Sheeran with me when we're sad.

Thanks for the notes you leave on our door.

Thanks for yelling at boys for me when they're being annoying.

Thanks for being there to hug me when he left.

Thanks for introducing me to our newest BFF.

Thanks for taking just as many pictures as I do and sending me every single one.

Thanks for buying me food when I ran out of dining dollars.

Thanks for talking me out of (and sometimes into) bad decisions.

Thanks for encouraging me to do all the homework I procrastinated doing.

Thanks for always dancing with me, even if there isn't music playing.

Thanks for all of the small acts of kindness you do for me and others.

Thanks for not leaving me behind when your guy came into the picture.

Thanks for holding my hair back and then washing it that one horrible night.

Thanks for your awesome taste in and recommendations of music, movies, and TV shows.

Thanks for watching every singe one of Brendon Urie's live streams with me until our phones overheat.

Thanks for the random hugs.

Thanks for making a YouTube channel with me.

Thanks for coming to all of my shows.

Thanks for the double chin Snapchats.

Thanks for snacking and then doing sit-ups with me.

Thanks for trusting me with your life stories and problems.

Thanks for reminding me of my self-worth.

Thanks for being my biggest fan and supporter in everything I do.

Thanks for always being there for me.

Thanks for being so amazing.

Thank you for being my best friend.

I know that might have been a little cheesy, but hey, that's what the holidays are all about! I appreciate you so much and cannot imagine college without you! I hope you have an amazing break and a magical holiday season, but I cannot wait to go back to school to live and laugh with you again! See you soon, Lizzito.



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