Letter To Peter Pan

Dear Peter Pan,

As a child, I dreamed of escaping with you to a land of eternal youth. As an adult, you found and swept me off my feet to your Neverland.

You lulled me into a sweet lullaby and before my head hit the pillow, I was deeply yours. There was never any question my young heart would fall for your childish one. Your fantasies made me forget the part of myself who dreamed of growing up. Oh, Peter Pan, adventures with you were grand but there comes a time when being an immortal child turns into a cage.

The dream you painted was beautiful, but when reality hit, you flew off without me. My fate in your hands was worse then it would have been with Captain Hook.

Our waterfall adventures will always warm my heart. But discussing feelings was too adult for you. I awoke at home without you and was left crying in glorious sunshine. The future of us flew away with your pixie dust. You became nothing more then a star in the endless ocean of darkness. You love your freedom of play more then you could ever love me.

Peter, you are older but when one is stuck in Neverland, there is no hope of growth past teenage testosterone dreams. You will never grow into the man from "Hook." Your destiny is to ride the carousal of once upon a dream. No hope of fairy rings will break you free. You were lost to your own dream of ever after, that i became your never ever.

Enjoy your freedom from adultness and feelings. Enjoy the adventure of always being lost. Enjoy the feel of wind whipping past as you entice naive girls to Neverland.

Remember, that us women who you like crave a man who will grow up to raise a family of our own. We don't want to be the mother to you and your lost boys forever.


A woman who will never be a lost girl again

"Life with him was an adventure but sometimes an adventure just has to end, for a new one to begin."
Kelsey Ballerini
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