A Letter To My Parents

A Letter To My Parents

Because sometimes the best words said are sometimes not said at all, but written.

Christina Hillner

Mom & Dad,

Since my senior year of high school, I became a wild card to you both. I was indecisive on what college I wanted to attend and what major captured my interests. I never knew what kind of reaction I would receive from you both. With that, I began making independent decisions on a whim without thoroughly discussing them with you both.

As a freshman in college I told you both I was going to intern at a radio station. A typical day now consisted of driving into the city for 5:30 a.m. attending class after my time there, and then hurrying off to work for the evening. No time left in between. You both must've thought I was crazy, but regardless you supported my decision.

I have had people tell me that because I am a communication major, it is practically useless and that I may as well just apply for a secretary position in an office. You may or may not have heard something like this because to your understanding, I am a communication major who enjoys the company of people and music. I know you both have no idea exactly what direction I am going to take with this major. Despite not having all of the proper knowledge, you trust and support that I will create something out of this hard work.

A couple months ago, I brought home papers for a lease on an apartment in need of a co-signer. A complete shake-up in our life and an unexpected one at that. On a whim, an acquaintance and myself found an apartment and became tied to a year and a half lease. I explained my reasoning, broke down the financials, and pleaded with you both to trust my choice. Once again, you both supported this major decision and trusted me with this new responsibility.

Even when I told you both two days before New Years Eve that I was going to Canada, you both had your choice words, but let me go. If you did not trust me or find me responsible, you wouldn't have allowed me to go to another country. Never mind put the final deposit down for the trip.

All of these instances to this point in my life have proven that you have never once given up on me. Countless times you both are there to listen to what I have to say - good or bad. You're ready to pick me back up when a tragic occurrence takes place or a bad day becomes overwhelming. You don't say typical statements to soften a blow, but the hard truth I need to accept. In your eyes, how else will I learn? Move on?

I love when you both say, "You always have a home here," because to me you two are my home. I may not always be the most vocal when it comes to what is going on in my life, activities, or accomplishments. I am not looking for that, "Look at me! Look at me!" kind of attention or praise. I don't need it. Knowing that you both can trust in the woman I am becoming is enough for me.

So thank you. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being two parents working together. Thank you for working the long gruesome days of overtime for tuition and bills. Thank you for your support throughout my college career. There is no chance, I would have made it this far without your guidance. I am still going to be your wild card that you have to deal with for a long time.

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